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love this part of me…

so this is cool…you work for 3 days and its time to go back home….!!

last weekend was a long one. was home for 4 days…took sunday off and monday was a public holiday. awesome fun. watched a movie…(Dor…quite a good watch..!)…and went for dandiya on saturday.

its funny how every thing remotely connected to dance…in delhi…has to turn into a bhangra one..! whats funnier is that no matter how much one cribs about it…you will definitely move your ass once it starts…!

so we had..none other than…the world famous…Bhupi…for the bhangra…oops…dandiya night..!! god..u shud hv seen the girls tearing their cholis apart….shouting “we loveeeeeee u bhupiiiiiiiiiiiiii”…and he doing that…”la la dhin chik dhin chik dhin chik…la dhin chik dhin chik dhin chik…” dance…!! the dandiya beats added to the punch…

and then the food was quite awesome…! it was shit expensive though…and i find it so fascinating how your atittude towards money keep evolving depending on how much you earn…

i remember the one time when i waited like anything for the x-files movies to release in India…i mean i waited…like crazy. and when i came…i thought…nahhh…its too expensive (and at 50 bucks a month as pocket money…it surely was)…will watch it later (and i did…4 yrs hence..when it came on TV..i saw it with my hands folded…it was religion for me..!!)…

and then those numerous times when you see something in the shop…and go…oh this looks so awesome…wonder how much it is……for….CRAP…!!! too expensive…

and now…by the grace of god…things are smooth…and the time spent on buying things is much lesser…! which makes me wonder…does hving money make u less of a ‘deal-seeker’…!! i mean…i remember that part of me which used to browse and browse thru shit loads of sites…before i cud find the cheapest possible deal on a particular item…(and a cheap deal is not a bad deal in my scheme of things…its value for money).

but today when i hv to buy a papri chaat…i bloody fork out 40 bucks…!! obviously thats not a deal…!! especially when you had that same precise shit about 4 hours back…for 15..!!!

people say money makes one powerful…!! yeah right…!! money simply makes u lazy…! it all boils down to convenience..!!

i hate this part of me…

so today…i spent 3 hours…ofcourse…in office…searching for a holiday package for my folks. and i searched and searched…searched like crazy..!! i didnt get the deal i was looking for…but in the process i did find myself back..!!

love this part of me…


dubai survival kit…

so…SA…or AS…if you are readin this…pardon me…cause i really didnt have anything else to write…

its been 12 months for the ATK team here at Dubai…and we realized that its been quite a learning experience. a new country shall always come with its share of typicalities…and adjusting to those can be quite a task.

here is our version of the

Dubai Survival Kit

  1. Emirates will serve you good food. Air India will serve you food. Emirates has some really nice entertainment. Air India doesn’t believe in the concept. Emirates will fly on time. Air India will love you so much it just wouldn’t want you to leave the craft. Ever. FLY EMIRATES
  2. You arrive at the airport and the lady immigration officer is quite pretty. She has applied make up and you can actually see her face. And she even smiles at you. That doesn’t mean you can stare at her.
  3. When flying back to Dubai from India, you have to reconfirm your flights. Ofcourse the fact that you paid the entire amount for the flight and also got a confirmed seat doesn’t mean that you are interested in flying…does it?
  4. When in a team of more than 4, appoint someone who decides where to eat out every day. Change the person every week…to minimize the physical damage from other team members.
  5. Do check out the desert safari. The oasis comes in form of belly dancers at the end of it all.
  6. You are staying at the Crowne Plaza. Just by yourself. And at 2 in the morning you hear a knock. Do(n’t) open!
  7. Dubai is full of olives. And they look a lot like black grapes. They are not.
  8. Pepperoni is beef. Just because you have it everyday and like it a lot, doesn’t make it pork!
  9. Some people think that seafood is vegetarian. Most of these people stay in Dubai
  10. If your office is far from the main city, remember the route. You shall have to explain it EVERYDAY to the food delivery guy
  11. Don’t get overwhelmed by the grandiose nature of high-end Lebanese restaurants. Their attitude towards food is the same as that of Paris Hilton’s towards money. Waste it.
  12. For dinner there are two extremes. The AED20/person Sukh Sagar and the AED 200/person Burj. One will make you burp like you have never burped before and one will leave you hunting for that chips pack at midnight. Which one…is your guess.
  13. There are some things in Dubai that money cant buy. For instance an airconditioner when you are out at 12.30pm in august looking for an ATM.
  14. Hospitalization in Dubai is very expensive. Emergency treatment is free though. However, at a speed limit of 120km/hr, ‘emergency’ acquires a whole new meaning. Get yourself a medical cover.
  15. Ofcourse you love your wife/husband. And the worlds knows that. They don’t need evidence…definitely not in public.
  16. It’s a beautiful country and you would want to click incessantly. Control that emotion when attempting to click women in the national dress.

life’s good…


awesome feeling….

my feet were literally shivering as i walked towards A-01. i cudnt even dare to see who lives there now…but there was this sudden rush that i experienced…when i sat on the very same stairs infront of the b-blk…

it was suddenly 6 months back…and it was the same time..the same place…the same me…and yet it somehow didnt belong to me..!! but it still was an awesome feeling…

spent 2 days at ISB…officially down for the Kearney recruitment talk…and had a BLAST! the sheer feeling of being back was too overwhelming. more so for SB who just cudnt stop feeling senti. the first night..he drank a bit and then we walked around the campus for some 45 minutes…in the rain…while he narrated stories from the 1st batch. and we were lucky enough to catch a dunking…post which he jst said..”now i can die in peace..!!”

the 1st evening was well received. the turnout was decent…but the enthu was contagious. somehow this batch hasnt failed to impress me with that.

its beautiful…how this single place…holds so much of fascination for me. the sheer thought of being there again makes me wanna do it right away…

ofcourse…on the flip side…i cudnt spend as much time with some people…as i wud hv liked to. so sorry AD, SS, SL…very soon..!!

54 hrs…6 hrs of sleep…

never felt so fresh before…
…awesome feeling…


same message…handled differently…


R and i were heading towards K’s place. catching up on life in the past 5 days…and planning the evening ahead. its rare that i listen to music in the car when with her…! but had burnt a new CD and (i dont know if someone else has it) there is this unusual excitement as to which will be the next song. cause you really dont remember when you had put them in an order…to be written…

kaise tujhko dikhaun yahaan hai kya
Maine jharne se paani maa
tod ke piya hai
Guchcha guchcha kai khwabon ka
uchal ke chuwa hai
Chaaya liya bhali dhoop yahaan hai
Naya naya sa hai roop yahan
Yahaan sab kuch hai maa phir bhi
lage bin tere mujhko akela

i kept drivin…she kept looking out her window…there was no talk…
…and we looked at each other…and we had tears in our eyes…

unfortunately i have never really credited cinema with much. i know that SRK has a lot to do with this…but seriously…’bollywood/hollywod/crapwook’ never held any value for me except for pure viewing pleasure. it was rarely that i came out of a screening all shaken up…contemplating…thinking about what just struck me…! there are only a few movies that went that far…

1. Pi
2. The Shawshank Redemption
3. A Clockwork Orange
4. Requim for a dream
5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
6. City of God
7. Motorcycle Diaries
8. American History X
9. The Matrix
10.The Fight Club
11.Schindler’s List

And no…i am not an angrez who swears by hollywood…! there have been quite a few (unfortunately…a few) movies in hindi that still have me in awe. Anand, 3 deewarein (shit…i really have to think hard here..!)

However, 2 movies lately have fascinated me…

and that…finally…is the theme of today’s entry..

Rang De Basanti

The movie made me feel pathetic…about my life. I figured that no matter what MG says…at somepoint of time i will have to stand infront of the mirror and be hard on myself. at somepoint of time i will have to question my very existence…and my purpose. its surely not to sit infront of a laptop and churn our excel sheets. its certainly not to get married and see my kids become the finest kids ever..! and its surely surely not to get that bloody hasselblad of my last post.

And this movie…made me question all of that. it got so hard on me…that each time i spend lavishly on something…there is a certain guilt that takes over. and that guilt doesnt easily go when i sign that monthly check to CRY. infact it gets only bigger. it only reminds me that as an individual i feel that offering money is my excuse to exist. i dont even know where the money is going…!!

this movie made me realize the power of cinema. the reservation protests…the opening of the priyadarshini mattoo case…the retrial of the jessica lal case…were as if retakes of the same movie. it literally reawakened an entire generation…

and i am not far behind….

Lage raho Munnabhai

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. It made me laugh…made me cry…made me think…and more importantly…left a message so powerful…and in such a subtle manner…that it was only later that i reazlied what a stroke of genius this was.

i personally never really had a strong opinion on Gandhi. ofcourse…it takes a lot to move an entire nation and i dont know how many of us are capable of doing so…(and no…mallika sherawat is not what i am talking about…!)..! so the respect is there. but apart from that…i used to feel…what if we had resorted to violence…wud we have gotten our independence a decade earlier…?

but what the movie made me realize was that i at my own small level have been practising the same thing..! i am not the agressive sorts…rarely will i raise my voice…and if i think about it…my way of dealing with things has truly helped me. dont know if it would work with someone else…but for me…the main idea is that if the other person is wrong…make him feel guilty about it…so so guilty about it that he never does it again. but do it in a manner that he himself realizes it…and is not forced upon by society and laws. its hard…cause it takes a lot of time…but it works…works wonderfully..!

silence…is the best weapon…! i love this in me…narcissistic or whatever…tht silence coms naturally to me. people think that simply slapping someone is the best form of retaliation…however…silence is the cruelist..!

gandhigiri…or whatever you may want to call it…found itself redefined through the movie.

RDB shoke me…munnabhai amused me.
RDB made me feel horrible within…munnabhai consoled me of my potential
RDB was shock therapy…munnabhai was ‘Patch Adams’

2 movies…almost the same message…almost diametrically opposite ways of treating…


PS: help me with hindi movies that can create the same effect.


as MG pointed out in last evening’s conversation…i tend to worry a lot.

and i agree…

out of all the things that make me question our existence on a daily basis..there is one that has been troubling me for quite sometime now..! sleepness nights…bouts of anxiety and depression…breathlessness…and sudden heartpains usually accompany the thought….and there is no escapin..

in search for my quest for freedon…i turn to you…please help me…


here is a game …..its called SLAP SLAP SLAP ;)
very simple
just slap the person above n state the reason why he/she deserves the phaataaaaak ;)


How old do you think the person above you is… make a guess
Dont peek into profiles ….k…


I have seen this game on another channel but its fun:)
If ur daddy arranges ur marraige wid the person abouve u ……wht u will do……


An interesting game…Just tell…what u wanna do with the above person…….
1. Shake Hand
2. A Hug
3. A Kiss
4. A Kick
5. A Slap
6. A Look
7. A Smile
8. A Wink ;)
9. Dont want to even look at
10.Ask her/him out
12.Walk away

Let’s start….

and if the pain wasnt enough…its always heartening to see that each of these historic milestones have gotten more than 10,000 REPLIESSS………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these gem of a masterpiece were created on what could potentially be the biggest threat to manking after AIDS…! and its called orkut..!
i am telling you guys..(and PK knows this already)…very soon google will be controlling our relationships. we email through it…chat through it…make friends through it…and then search for stuff to kill then with through it…!

very soon…


PS: on a different and a much happier note…i have finally…after years of search…found my dream machine. i know an upgrade will come by as soon as i post this…but then…what the heck…i am in love with this…

The Hasselblad Digital SLR
At USD 30,000…my calculations predict exactly 4.386 generations before i lay my hands on this…!

life has really moved on….

i believe that nature has a wonderful way of telling you what to do next…or to make you realize that what you are doing shouldnt be done. and the best part is that it will do so in a manner that will make you believe it was your own choice…all the way…

i saw Swades last night. was a tad dissapointed. possible because i was watching it at a time when dozens of praises had already been registered by my conscience. so i was expecting a lot more than i got. somehow…i cant credit SRK with much. no matter how powerful the script…something has to happen to certify SRK as the hero of the movie. i didnt get the point of the scene wherein he was trying to generate electricity through the turbine and had to pull out that straw bunch after the turbine failed to reach 230 volts. PLEASE…why does HE have to be the one doing it…when there were hundred others. not that he used his NASA knowledge to figure out what the problem was…!!

anyways…i am loosing track. the movie wasn’t powerful. it didnt hit me. i did cry one occasion…but that surely wasnt cause of the powr of the script.

what struck me though…and this is where i link myself to the 1st para…was his reason to come back. he felt that his life has moved on…in a way that had left others behind…people who at some point of time were really precious to him.

and when i think of myself…i figure i am no different.

Today is the 5th of Sep…and i know that i havent called someone when i should have…(and who i did call for 4 years before i just stopped…one fine day). I do send her flowers every year…but havent met her since 1.5 yrs…! and come to think of it…at one point of time…she was the most important person in my life. someone who literally ‘made’ me…what i am today…!

Today is the 5th of Sep…and i wrote to him after almost a month (and after watching the movie). there was a time when we wouldnt go to sleep before talking to each other. when he used to call me at random hours…and we used to chat for hours thereafter. when i used to keep my landline under my blanket so as to not disturb my folks from the ringtone that would come at 2 in the morning…! and even though i still think of him as my closest guy friend…i shudder on the thought that it must just be on paper

Today is the 5th of Sep…and its been alsmost 2 weeks sinc ei have met her. when i left for dubai this time around…she told me…”i kept waiting for you…ab aayega nandu…ab aayega nandu…”…and i had tears in my eyes. i realized that an effort that will take me 30 mins…will give her priceless happiness. and yet i chose to be lazy…

Today is the 5th of Sep…and i didnt watch Swades for all that i am feeling. i choose to watch it for what i had heard about it…! and yet nature…had its way of telling me…”dude…u cudnt hv expected more out of SRK…but u sure did realize something that you were doing wrong…”

live has surely moved on…


long time….

thanks daddy for reminding me…i had been procastinating…partly cause i wanted to…partly cause i didnt have a choice…

work has been maddening lately…i was ‘almost’ handling 2 projects at the same time for the past 3 days…hv slept not more than 4 hours at a stretch in the past 3 nights…and have been almost labelled as a zombie by the man in the mirror.

bday…came and went…though it was quite relaxed. after a long time spent it with family…met R in the evening…cut a cake…and all..!

however, i have never ever had so many people wishing me…

  • 221 orkut scraps (my bosses would be happy to note that none of my replies to all of these scraps came during office hours!)
  • 28 emails (wow…!)
  • 15 sms-es (and i thought that sms-es were the way to go…for the future)
  • 11 phone calls

thank you…orkut birthday reminder……yahoo reminders….google alerts…outlook calendar….

dad is doing much better…will be starting office this week…inshallah…(!)…the doctors were really happy with his progress and it was during the review session did they disclose that he had literally come out from the most severe form of infection that could have hit his pancreas..!

happy news…

  1. daddy got his visa…so he shall be leaving for yankee land very soon…
  2. my final settlement from NIS (yes…the same company i used to work for some 1000 days back..!!)…came…and i am slightly rich now
  3. almost…almost…completed the model that i was working on…to some awesome relief…
  4. have a 3 day weekend this time…and am going for a road trip on saturday….wassssuuuupppp

life’s good…


PS: daddy..(and this is god damn the 3rd time i am mentioning you)…there was one girl that didnt like me when she 1st met me…and i am to marry her next year…! i guess that was the criteria..! :)

11 days…of india..of sleeplessness…and of housekeeping…

so dad’s pancrease…which according to the doc had been over-worked cause of his gall bladder removal 8 yrs back…suddenly decided to go on a ‘pancreatic fundamentalist drive’. basically…trying to show that if desired…they can beat the shit out of someone…!

and boy they did…

he was in the hospital for 11 days…! and its horrible this way especially when you dont expect it. what was to become a sweet tide 4 day vacation for me…turned out to be a 11 day india ‘working from home’ stint…

  • i drove, on an average, 100kms a day….up and down the hospital
  • took charge of the house while mum stayed with dad…so basically…milking the cow…clearing the bullshit…making dung cakes…and washing clothes (am really serious this time!)
  • worked for 8 hrs daily…4 hrs on live dubai time…and 4 hrs in the night…
  • slept, on an average, for 4-5 hrs daily
  • felt really really tired at the end of it all…

and lessons learnt – such situations will bring you face to face with the ‘real’

  • while some people (and some of them really not expected to..) called up and mailed and messaged frequently…checking on dad’s health…some (and some of them expected to..) lost complete touch
  • my manager didnt even wait for me to ask…before asking me to work from home. i left for india on wednesday…and reached dubai the following sunday. not too sure how many firms would have a value system so strong to allow that…with no questions asked. at all times…i had my team’s support…!
  • mum…who till abt 15 days back wud feel pukish when entering a hospital…spent 11 days with dad..! she realized a whole new herself…
  • dinner with jst my sis…and we had one of the best conversations ever…she talked abt the real her…and i suddenly realized tht we hvnt spent much time together…
  • dad cried when i was leaving…
  • R and i were both as excited as we were on our first date, when we went to dine together…4 days after i had been in india and not met her…

11 days…of india..of sleeplessness…and of housekeeping…

and something has changed….yet i remain with the same set of parameters that were governing my life so far…

on a different note…met with Y last night. had a great time with her….and realized that some relationships jst take off…and you dont ever know why. i wud hv never imagined tht i wud meet her again….forget the fact that it wud happen in a whole together different country….

life’s good…!


my version….

there was a time…no so long ago…when i used to treat the ‘Reader’s Digest’ as a must read. this was much before i started reading the same for its jokes..only…! anyways…so this one time…there was a wonderful article on this dude who, when he was 18, made a list of 30 things he would wanna do before he turned 30. its almost a cliche now…but at that time the idea sounded quite cool. and this dude actually went on to accomplish each and everything on that list…and the article was all about how he managed to do so. just so you know…the things listed there were not exactly…”brush everyday”…but “travel on a bike for more than 3000 miles” sorts..!!!

and then…after a deulge of such posts by EU and SB….here is my version of the things i have done…would want to do…and would never want to do…(and this would be extremely India specific…somewhat inspired from EU’s entry…and in no specific order)


  • Have done
  • Want to do
  • Dont want to do
  1. thrown garbage on the road…paused….picked it up and dropped it in the thrash
  2. had golgappas from the same guy who pulled out his snort a minute back
  3. ran after a bus and caught it finally
  4. slapped an auto guy cause he refused to go where you wanted to
  5. saved a lady from being harassed/molested
  6. watched an entire episode of krishi darshan
  7. been on a bus…with just one foot on it
  8. driven without a license
  9. driven at more than 120 kmph
  10. drove away when a traffic cop tried to stop you
  11. asked a cop “jaante ho main kiska/kiski beta/beti hoon…?”
  12. for guys alone – scratched your (you know what) thinking that no one saw
  13. scribbled on a protected monument
  14. cheated in a school examination
  15. been on “palace on wheels
  16. been to atleast 3 sanctuaries in India
  17. sang something special…for someone special…
  18. stayed up all night and saw the sunrise
  19. met anyone from the indian cricket team
  20. pee-ed on the road
  21. milked a cow
  22. ate sugarcane…the traditional way
  23. stayed in a village without electricity for more than 2 nights
  24. shopped for vegetables atleast 100 days in a year
  25. paid a begger more than rs 100
  26. had a househelper who was less than 15 years of age
  27. been to a temple, a church, a gurudwara AND a mosque
  28. stopped at the red light when no one else was…
  29. requested for a song on the radio
  30. called the KBC phoneline atleast once
  31. waited in a queque for more than 2 hours
  32. bribed your way through to get a government document
  33. tipped your barber
  34. driven a bike in 5 degree centrigrade…with your tee and shorts on
  35. been to atleast 3 beaches in 3 separate states
  36. been to the North-east
  37. travelled to the lakshwadeep islands
  38. hiked to the mansarovar lake
  39. studied beyond the age of 23
  40. started your own business
  41. driven an ambassador
  42. looked at the night sky through a telescope
  43. slept under the stars
  44. kissed your gf/bf right infront of your parents
  45. gone dutch on your 1st date
  46. washed someone else’s puke
  47. cried in public
  48. visited the taj mahal
  49. seen a live cobra
  50. had dinner with your domestic help…on the same table
  51. worked on a 386 computer
  52. tied/worn rakhi to/from a total stranger
  53. danced naked in your room
  54. cried infront of your parents, after the age of 18
  55. touched your parent’s feet

life has been slightly hard lately…more cause of personal reasons. lekin theek hai…it moves on…!!!


PS: and yah…feel free to add stuff to the above…which highlights true india.

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