Right before the gym entrance this morning, I am greeted by a guy I have seen several times working out. 

“The gym is closed”


Of course the question was a rhetoric. I wasn’t going to believe him. I went up to the door. And indeed, there was a closed sign hanging on the door. 

I pushed the door open

Looked inside

There were folks working out 

I didn’t say anything to anyone. And started to work out. 

A minute later, the “gym is closed” guy enters. And remarks, “stupid people. Why did they put the closed sign on the door, when it was open?”

“To determine whether you would take the world’s declaration as the truth. Or go and find it yourself”, I told myself. 

“Next time, open the door. Irrespective of what it says” – I told him. 

“And I am not talking just gym doors”

This place, this morning, had taught me yet another life lesson.