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Star Team Players

3 great hacks for you if you want to become a star team player:

1. Spend time with people who are different from you. Ask “what is it that they know that I don’t.”

2. Don’t engage in gossip. EVER!

3. Acknowledge other’s contribution in your success.
Not just in front of others. 1:1 with them as well.

A team isn’t about the best individual players.
It is the combined strength of players that makes them the best! 

Building a Team

I have had the privilege of building several companies in the past 12 years.
I have also been a part of a few, while I was working.
I have seen some companies up close, while consulting or mentoring them.

It fascinates me how some companies are able to grow and deliver consistent, supernormal growth. While some just aren’t!

The biggest difference?

The way its people are made to feel about themselves..

Because how people feel at the end of the day drives how they act. 

Every single day, I get emails from people in well-paid jobs, working with great brands, in envious roles. Yet unhappy.

Because their boss doesn’t respect them.
Because their team members do not help.
Because people around them do not inspire.
Because the team is dysfunctional.

We just came back from our quarterly offsite – from Udaipur.

For 4 days, we ate, played, and slept together. Got to know each other.

None of us are geniuses. None of us are exceptional. No two people are similar.

And yet we come together, because we work as a team!
Because people feel they can be themselves.
They feel respected. And they respect each other.

Nothing makes you feel better about yourself, than this!

So the next time you are looking for a job – do your research.
Don’t just pick the highest salary or the best brand.

Ask during interviews – how do teams work, how does feedback flow, why do people leave, why do they stay.
Find out what it will be to live in this team, before you actually live in the team.

How you feel in your job is going to matter a lot more than how much you earn in your job.


It breaks my heart to see smart, capable, driven individuals working intensely hard but not paying attention to their health.

Because I too was once one of them.
Until I decided to make 3 changes 

  1. Health – working out every day, for 1.5 hours – tennis and strength training 
  2. Diet – eating healthy, home-cooked, with my last meal before sunset
  3. Mind – meditating every day for 30 minutes

You can have it all, but if you don’t have your health, you really have none of it all.

Making audience predict!

We have recently started posting content on our team/company channels of “wariCrew.”

It is supercool to see the audience engagement on what we have been doing, internally.

So it happened, that recently I shared a post of a team mate of mine taking a giveaway winner for a book shopping, where people predicted we would write a thread of it.

Well, only time will tell :)

What I know for sure, is that people predicting your moves (if you want them to) is a good good move!


In my childhood, I learnt about a totally unexpected side of money. 

It was bittersweet. 

Even if it saved us, it taught me something I would never forget…

This happened at the peak of our family crisis.
We had received news we would be compensated for our destroyed family home, where my father grew up in.

Dad would never have the home he grew up in.
But he had miraculously saved his family now.

I think he cried that day.
I could not tell.
And I have never asked.

That day, I learnt that money by itself is emotionless.
But it makes you feel and do things that are almost always driven by emotions.

Money generates emotions.
Emotions that you may like or not.
But can’t ignore.

High on Energy

A few days back, someone in a live session asked me, “How can you be so energetic throughout the day?”

Here’s the truth: I am not!

I manage my time and life in a manner that for all those instances that require me to be on my high energy, I am there.

If it means that usually at 8 pm I am winding down my day but I have to be on a live call, I will take a nap in the afternoon, and do less things that take my energy away, thus, leaving myself energetic for that live call.

Energy management is the most powerful thing you will come across in life. However, it begins with tracking your time to understand your energy first.

The power of schedule

Should I have a time table in my day?

I get asked this question a lot, partly because I run a course on time management; and partly because I have been sharing my schedule with my audience openly.

A schedule is a game changing thing to have, if you stick to it.
You will stick to that schedule if you arrange it in a manner that you put the important as well as entertaining tasks there.
You will know the right mix when you track your time, meticulously, before getting there.

And tracking your time begins with wanting to understand your relationship with time.  

You can thrive in any relationship only if you understand it first. Including the one with time.

When will I?

When will I feel fulfilled?

When should I quit my job?

When will I find satisfaction and joy in my relationships?

The answer to these questions isn’t the timeline.

The answer to these questions is reaching a place where you aren’t concerned about the time you reach there, and experience them in the now. Or better yet, you are okay not knowing these answers.

It is good to be curious.

However, curiosity acts as a rocket ship when it is fueled by being okay with knowing or not knowing some answers. Your job is to get to that place of being okay, so that you use your curiosity cells in the right direction.

To get to a place of stopping to ask some questions is sometimes the real way to get curious.

How to build your personal brand

Make it personal, i.e., authentic.
Document your journey. Be real.
Just start.

The third is the hardest. And the only thing you can control.

All big things start off small. But they start :)

The secret to creating endless opportunities

It is truly a secret. Because not too many people talk about it.

The secret to creating endless opportunities is doing the daily work with consistent growth, without worrying about making it big.

This is the secret to me getting an offer for a book deal.
Or me having offers for speaking gigs.
Or to create courses for corporates.

None of these happened because I wrote on my goal card “to make this happen by xx date.”

I rather jumped on to taking the smallest action on the very same date, and hence, landing up opportunities because of those habits.

The secret to having endless opportunities lies in micro, daily habits of doing the difficult task, and growing at it – day after day. Even when no one is watching. Because you are. And that is more than enough.

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