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Sad stories in 3 words

Lived for others
Did not listen
Feared till death
Never loved herself
Believed everyone else
I wish I…
Why always me

We create our stories. And then the stories create us.

Why do most problems in life occur?

Most of life’s problems are a result of our inability to have an honest and objective conversation with our own selves.

What do I want?
What I don’t want?
How can I play with my strengths?
How can I handle my weaknesses to not let interfere with what I want?

As we reflect on these, we find what our problems are.
Only when we know what problems exist, then would we be able to solve them!

Because we don’t spend time with ourselves, we mistakenly believe someone else is responsible for our problems!

Do you control your mind, or the mind controls you?

To find out who controls you, ask who it is that you can’t speak against.

For most of us – it is our mind!

The mind is a wonderful servant. And a terrible master.
It will nudge you to send that angry email, eat that dessert, participate in that gossip, or even bad-mouth someone – in the heat of the moment.

If you give in to the heat of the moment, you let the mind win.

If you control the mind, you will speak up against it. And act against it.

Does the mind control you? Or you control it? That decides everything. Everything.

No one’s watching!

What we do when no one is looking is who we are.
That is the person others will get to see when they are looking.

Nothing we do in public is random.
All of it is a result of what we do when we are alone.

If you are happy alone, the world sees you as a happy person.
If you are complaining when alone, that is what the world sees you for around them. There is nothing random or spontaneous.
As Tony Robbins says, ‘You get rewarded in public for what you do in private.’

The public is simply a reflection of the private.

Expectations vs Reality in 20s

No one expects you to be rich in your 20s. So don’t act like you are rich.

Live like a pauper.
Invest any and every money you get.
Avoid loans.
Don’t buy a house.
Don’t buy things that you think will make people like you more.

Those people are not worth pleasing!

When you live your life in alignment with your expectations, the vague expectations of others stop making sense.

The truth about free time

It is interesting how ‘free time’ is looked down upon when you are young and is perhaps the only thing worth chasing as you get old.

When you are young, you want to hustle hard. Only to realize a couple of years later that the hustle makes sense only if you have free time. If all that you do in your free time is also hustle, you will never reflect upon whether you are picking up the right hustles.

Hard work seems effortless when you combine it with free time.
Easiest work seems like a mountain when you never give yourself the free time.

Which comes as a realization when you give up your luxury of ‘hustle’ and try the freedom on the other side.

Free time is a necessity.
Not a luxury.

Who gets to win in life?

In life, it is not the most genetically gifted person or the one with the most potential who wins.

It’s the person with perseverance that wins.

Everyone is born with gifts.
That, however, doesn’t make them gifted.

It is those who make use of their gifts, who get to amplify their gifts.

Everything that doesn’t get invested and multiplied declines. True for money. True for your talents.

Why I don’t try to remember anything

Do not try to remember anything.

Write it down.
Keep a calendar.
Free your mind from tasks.

It lets your mind do what’s most important for it:
– Think intuitively
– Make wiser decisions
– Develop the courage to say no

Only when we let go of seemingly important things, we realise the power of truly important things.

Too much and too little

One thing I have a huge amount of: Patience

One thing I have too little: Patience on things we do not know why we are doing them

Patience for the long run. Impatience on wasting our time which we don’t have a direction for.

Psychological hacks to awe your brain

I surround myself with some cool psychological hacks, so that I trick my brain to follow what I want, and not vice versa.

Some of them are:

  1. Wearing work wear while working. Even from home.
  2. Keeping dumbbells next to the bed.
  3. Schedule my free time and distraction time.
  4. Run life through To-Do list and calendar.
  5. Waking up and sleeping at the same time – every single day.

The things that make life easy, are the things we need to be hard on :)

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