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Fire your friends!

If your school friends keep dragging you down and pulling you back and make you feel bad about ‘growing too fast’, fire them!

You grow up.
And pick a path that your friends don’t want.
They want to stay where they are.
They want to be comfortable.
You don’t want to. It’s okay!
You are doing NOTHING wrong.

It’s not being a culprit. Nor is it being selfish.
It is simply being aware. And respecting yourself.

If your friends don’t get to see that, perhaps it’s time you get to see that they aren’t friends any more. Don’t feel guilty for not wanting them in your life.

Biggest mistake I made as a founder

Over-indexing on intelligence is one of the biggest mistakes I made while hiring as a founder.

Smart people are so used to being smart that they keep solving problems. Moving from one to another.

Start-ups equally require people who persist.

Who’d love to do just one thing

The most precious gift

Listening to someone without judgement is the most precious gift you can give to that person.

No one else could walk your path.
When you accept this, you turn off your blinders.
And listen to the person talking to you, instead of figuring out how to give them solutions.

Everyone knows their solutions.
What people are looking for is validation.

Validation comes from not judging what they say.
Which is the last thing we do. And the first thing we must

Risk, and the ultimate failure

Risk and failure are a state of mind.
There are no measurement scales for them.
We create them.
So, we can destroy them too.
We are not naturally trained to love ourselves.
Learning how to do so is this journey called life.

Is reaching a certain goal the only measure of success?
What about the life lessons learnt?
How about the struggles endured?
What about the person you become in this journey of ‘risks and failures’?

Learning to love yourself, irrespective of the result, is true success.
That’s true risk.

Giving up on yourself is the ultimate failure.

Everything else, including the numbers, is secondary.
Training yourself to love yourself is the powerful primary process.

Time and money

No one owes you their time and money. And you don’t owe anyone either.

It’s the mark of a cool human to understand people’s respect for their time and money.
It’s the mark of a wise human to respect their own.

This makes us not feel guilty for saying no.
This also makes us understand when someone says no to us.

It’s the mark of a wisely easy human to know that it’s okay to not owe your time and money to anyone and be absolutely (untouched) okay with it.

A long way to go…

Losing your temper is a sign that you have a long way to go.

Losing your temper is a sign that your remote control is not with you.
Losing your temper is a sign that others get to decide what you will feel.
Losing your temper is a sign that you don’t trust yourself with your peace.

The moment you don’t lose your temper when you ‘should have’ is when you have truly arrived. The rest is just wandering.

It’s hard to do so in a world of instant reactions. Or perhaps it is the easiest thing because no one else does it.

You are NOT responsible

You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness.
Being responsible for yours is anyway tough.

To stay happy is the most meaningful task. A task that requires effort.

To keep others happy is the most overrated task. Because happiness is a choice you make, not a pill you can pop on anyone giving it to you.

The world will question you despite you trying to keep it happy.
Why not stay happy yourself, and let the world choose – either to continue questioning you or to partake in your happiness?

The 2 minute rule

Whenever I want to do something in the future but it pops to me in the present and takes less than two minutes, I do it right away.

It helps with three things:

  • Takes minimal time
  • I don’t procrastinate it to the future
  • My mind has dopamine kick for the task done

It turns out, it takes simple and small two minute hacks to hack procrastination out of system, if we flex our decision making muscles.

I am 28

Not 41. Rather 28. Because I genuinely enjoy everything that I do. And am totally committed to the inputs, not the outcome.

When I was 30, I felt my life was over. At the age of 24, I was totally lost. We all feel that way.

However, over time, as you stay committed to the process, anti-aging happens naturally!

The most underrated book ever

Rework. And that is why, my most gifted one as well.

Small chapters. For entrepreneurs. One of the books that I will never trade for another book.

Not all gems get to greater heights, but they do make the ones reading them greater.

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