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You will free yourself the day you stop blaming your parents for what they did to you.

Maybe they did a lot of wrong.
However, if you give it back to them, aren’t you behaving exactly the manner you didn’t want to be treated?

Forgiveness does not mean condoning.
Most cases, it also does not mean living together.
However, if we don’t forgive them, we are eventually letting their flaws live free in our head.

And you wanted to be a free bird, isn’t it, my friend?
The best time to let go of what weighed you down was yesterday.
The second best time is today.

Why routine?

A routine is a system.
A system that designs your day.
A system that controls your day.
A system that tells you that you are the master of your day, and no distraction can take you over.

It does not need to be close to anyone else’s – you may design what gives you the best energy.
And live by it.

You will only be surprised by the results the routine gives you.

A routine isn’t imprisoning. Rather it is the only thing that is truly liberating.

The most dangerous people in the world

The most dangerous people in the world are not the ones who fail.
Not the ones who make mistakes.
Not the ones who are struggling hard.

None of these.

The most dangerous people in the world are those who are not willing to change.
Whether they failed, or became successful.

If they failed, they won’t reflect enough to become successful.
If they succeeded, they would fall in love with their winning formula, instead of growing beyond it.

Change is the only constant.
And the more we run away from it, the more we truly need it.

Get rejected

Rejection isn’t a vice.
It is a door to learning more.

Be curious. Know what you don’t know. Let your mind be filled with wisdom instead of emptiness on failing.

And sooner than you know, you will look forward to failing than to running away from it.
Which, is true success :)

Failure is a win, if you choose it to.


I am useless.
I can’t focus.
I am distracted.
I lack discipline.
I cannot workout.

I matter.
I am supremely focused.
I can do what I want to do.
I am the most disciplined person I know.
I am someone who is always consistent with their workouts.

We are the stories we tell ourselves.
Every single moment.

Don’t share

I am a proponent of documenting your journey.
So that others could be inspired from.

However, you do not have to share every opinion you have.

Not disrepectful.

Share authentically, however, with wisdom. And certainly not unfiltered :)

The battle

The battle is not with your boss.

Or with your friends.

Or your colleagues.

Or your family.

Or your relatives who judge you.

The battle is in the mind.
Which is exactly the place you will win it.

Being lost in 20s

At 18 yrs: I went to check the JEE results, with my father, on our scooter. I did not clear it.
At 24 yrs: I dropped out of my PhD program in the US, came back to India, not knowing what to do next.
At 29 yrs: I quit my consulting job to join a startup, and was fired from it after a year. 

This is who I was.
A failure. 

However, more than a decade later, what I have realised is that over time, everything falls into place.

That insecurity of not making money.
That guilt of probably letting your parents down.
That fear of never being happy in your career.

Over time, every failure passes away.

ONLY if you reflect on it.
ONLY if you ask yourself: Why did it happen?
ONLY if you change the way you do things. 

Because we will all fail.
That is inevitable.
But few of us will win in life.

If I could, so can you.
Trust me.
Trust yourself! 


If you are not having fun while doing it, people will see through it.

Ankur Warikoo


We own the screen we own. Not the other way around!

Ankur Warikoo


True respect is when you respect someone even after you’ve got to know them.

Ankur Warikoo


The best form of content is not you in action, rather you in reflection.

Ankur Warikoo


It has become fashionable to startup today. 

In the world of Shark Tank, everyone thinks they should start their own business. 

Worse, people think that those in a job are losers.
They have sold their soul.
They have become part of a rat race. 

That’s a lie.
A corporate job early in your career can shape you up meaningfully. 

  1. It gives you financial stability. Which sets up a good foundation. 
  2. It teaches you the power of planning, of systems, of processes. 
  3. It shows you the magic of teams and how your individual contribution at a micro level comes together with that of several others, to create impact at a macro level.

What is the one thing you have learnt from your job?

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