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The three-step formula to learn anything

Here’s a small yet effective three-step formula to learn anything.

Observe: When we see others doing something, our brain creates a picture of it. 

Do: Execution is the mother of motivation. 

Teach: The teacher never forgets. Sharing what you have is the best way to keep it with yourself forever.

The secret to speaking effectively

Thoughts occur at rattling speed. 

We can’t speak clearly.
We fumble, stammer or ramble. 

Is this what happens when you start presenting your point of view? 

Could be an interview.
An office presentation.
A family gathering. 

Here is what helps to speak effectively:

Because writing is slow.
We cannot write as fast as we think.
So when we write, we find a way to pace our thoughts.
We find a way to get into a rhythm. 

The best way to express your thoughts clearly, is to write your thoughts before you speak.

Want to be loved unconditionally?

We want to be accepted for who we are.
To be loved despite our flaws.
To be loved unconditionally by everyone – partners, friends, family. 

But do we offer them unconditional love?
Or does our love come with a bag full of conditions? 

How will we ever receive anything good if we don’t offer it wholeheartedly ourselves? 

The best way to be unconditionally loved is to love unconditionally.

There’s no one like you!

Why do we make kids mug up information?
What is the outcome of this? 

What if we taught them the uniqueness they possess?
That there is sheer joy in being themselves without any pressure.
That there is a brilliant opportunity of creating anything we want. 

That there is power in letting ourselves evolve into whatever we want. 

A relationship did not work out?

You started something new.
You were not treated well.
Promises were broken.
And sooner than you knew, you were asked to leave.
For no fault of yours. 

Could happen in a professional relationship.
Could happen even in a personal relationship. 

As difficult as it may seem, start with stopping to blame.
Neither you, nor them. 

Till the time we keep pointing fingers, we won’t get centred.
It would simply compound our misery. 

And when we stop pointing fingers, ask ourselves: “What is this trying to tell me?” What is this situation trying to tell me? What can I know about myself that I didn’t know before? 

The best thing that comes out of a bad experience are great lessons.

Settle for vitamins? Or antibiotics?

When we consume antibiotics, we need them.
Right now!

We don’t need vitamins right now.
If we consume them though, we may not need antibiotics in the future.

Good books, thoughtful conversations, observing and learning, are vitamins. 

We don’t need them right now. However, if we have them, we may not need to have the urgent need for antibiotics in the future.

A vitamin a day keeps antibiotics away!

Not getting affected by criticism

How to not get affected by criticism?

Is it even possible to not overthink it?

Whenever we are affected by criticism, an important reminder to ask ourselves is – how do we feel when the opposite happens? How do we feel when we hear praise?

Because if we feel really good when someone appreciates us, we unconsciously hand over the remote control to our emotions. That remote control will determine our state of mind for good and for the bad.

To not get affected by criticism, start with not getting affected by praise.

Calmness is power.

The simple path to enlightenment

“Guruji,” a disciple asked his master, “I want to be as enlightened as you. What is something that you do that could help me get there?”

The master replied with ease, “When I’m hungry, I eat. When I am meditating, I am there. When I’m sleepy, I sleep.”

Perplexed, the disciple asked respectfully, “That is what I do too, how is it different?”

“When I’m eating, I’m only eating food, not thinking about the next task for the morning or the next meeting,” the Guru explained.
“I’m focused right there, neither in the past, nor in the future.”

Presence is the present of the present.

“Be here now.” – Ram Dass

Making the best of your 20s

Maybe you’ve opted for a course because your family wanted to.
Or you are still struggling to decide.

Maybe you feel lost in your job.

A lot of people feel this emotion because they feel they have to “settle” down in their 20’s.
You don’t have to!

20’s are meant for exploring, trying out multiple things, and most importantly, never settling.

It’s okay to not know what you need to do.
It’s okay to know that you don’t know.
It’s okay to do something different than what is mentioned in your degree.
It’s okay to not be okay when things are not okay.
It’s perfectly okay (read: important) to pursue your happiness.

The best way to spend your 20’s is realising there is no best way to spend your 20s.

Read this if you don’t have time

Want to learn a new skill, but don’t have the time?
Want to double your business, but don’t have the time?
Want to network with people, but don’t have the time?

Here’s a question: Who has more time than us?

All of us have the same 24 hours that you and I have.

Perhaps what we need is to choose where our energy is best spent.
Perhaps what we need is to change where our energy is drained.

“We don’t need more time. We just need to decide.” – Seth Godin

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