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Career lessons

Few incredible lessons for your career:

1. Early in your career, you get paid for what you can do.
Later on, you get paid for what you know.

2. Write your emails assuming they will be read by everybody.

3. There’s no such thing as “I can’t”.
Either you don’t want to. Or you need help.

4. Don’t be in a hurry to create impact.
Be in a hurry to learn.

5. Early on in your career, pick a job where you learn the most, irrespective of the money.
Learning compounds faster than money!

6. Nothing makes you more indispensable, than doing what you committed to do, without anyone needing to check on you.

7. In the end, every role boils down to how you deal with people.

Every manager should know this

As a manager, you are a celebrity, whether you like it or not. 

Every word you speak will be analyzed, every action of yours will be reproduced, every standard you allow will set a new standard. 

Think of how you speak, how you act and the standards you accept.

What a manager does knowingly or unknowingly, their team does that knowingly as a norm.

5 Rules for Life

Over the past 12 years of entrepreneurship, I have:

  • Raised millions in funding
  • Managed to startup again after being fired
  • Shared company profits with the team consistently

All of these things have taught me a tremendous amount about what matters in life, and what doesn’t.

These are my new 5 rules for life:

1. Creating Personal Wealth for me and my team

Best done through a bootstrapped startup, which is what I am building.

2. Building an institution where people love to come to work

Bean bags and free lunches are easy. To build a place where people would love to come to work, is the real game.

3. Creating content

I wish more people knew that someone somewhere is getting inspired because you decide to share your journey. You have a moral responsibility to share!

4. Leading people

One of the fundamental mistakes I made early on was to believe people didn’t want to be led. Wrong.
People want to be led. Not managed.

5. Telling the truth

I am a fervent truth seeker. And that is what I uphold for others.
Truth may not be the most pleasant thing to hear. But it certainly makes your life more pleasant by showing you the mirror.

What are your rules for life?

12 kinds of people

I often do not believe the predictions of Zodiac signs.

How could there be only twelve kinds of people in the world? And just one thing would come true for them?

Astrology is a science. What is predicted is on the basis of someone else’s alignment of stars. Might be true.

However, what is also true is: The actions we take. The thoughts we choose. The responses we pick.

Which all, in turn, create your destiny.

So go, go check your horoscope out. And then, forget about it just like you forget a good joke. And then go write your own destiny (while being grateful for all the luck you’ve been bestowed with).

To get the right answers

To get the right answers, the right thing is not to fixate yourself on getting an answer.

The right thing would be to start with asking the right questions.

Seeking answers is a beautiful thing, if it follows the process of asking questions. Instead of settling down on answers.

Funda for your corporate life

To keep growing.

Growth is something that you must re-do to reinvent yourself.

It is not something that happens. It is not something that will be incremental. Certainly not something that you can bring about, just by taking tiny steps.

Growth is painful. And if you don’t embrace that pain, pain would embrace you in many more different ways.

How to write a book a year

I wrote my first book in December 2021.
Second one coming up in December 2022.
So is the plan for every year.

How to make that possible?

Write every day. In the spring. And the summer. And the monsoon. And the winter.
And you might end up having 2-3 books at the end of the year.

What seems like a profound advice is nothing more than executing the simple steps every single day, even when you don’t feel like doing them.

Fear vs planning

“What if I get ill?”
“What would happen if I die?”
“I don’t know what the future holds.”

All of this is fear. Which, by its very nature, exists to let go of living in the moment – the most important thing that we must do.

So, how do we eliminate fear?

We plan for everything that scares us.

Get that term life insurance. Get that health insurance. Build habits and rituals.

Over time, you see so much good happening because the right things are in place, that the fear eventually gets replaced with fun.

Fear has a reason. To make us think. Planning has a reason. To let us have fun beyond fear.

Not necessary

Not necessary to stick to the career if you don’t like it.

You have time. You have multiple options. You have a choice.

You just have to exercise them. And live life with the mindset that you can do anything.

The world is yours, if your mindset is yours.

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