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The smartest people ask questions

They ask questions because they are curious.
They ask questions because they genuinely want to know.
They ask questions because they are okay appearing dumb in front of others, instead of staying that dumb forever.

Go, ask the question you want to ask. Because, you want to ask!

Asking isn’t a fad. Asking is what will keep you from being mad.

You don’t need to be productive 24*7!

The beautiful thing about time management is that you do not have to be productive 24*7.

You may choose to be productive just for 3-4 hours of the day. And that is enough.

However, to get there, you need to understand your relationship with time.

To understand your relationship with time, you need to track your time.

In order to track your time, you need to be more disciplined.

Discipline creates awareness. Awareness leads way to order. That order lets you decide how much you decide to be productive.

Productivity needn’t be pervasive. But the desire to get there must be.

I sold my soul for money

Whenever you choose to deliver mediocre quality work
Whenever you think it is okay to slack in your work
Whenever you think it is okay if no one sees it but you in your heart knew you just ticked a box but did not put in your best work,

It always helps to put a note on your desk: I sold my soul for money.

If you are not doing great work and not getting better with time, it is time you sit down with yourself and get super clarity on why are you doing it.


A great hack if you want people to like you:

Repeat what they said, back to them.

“To make sure I heard you right, you are saying XXX (repeat what they said)”

Helps in 3 ways:
1. They feel heard
2. They respect your listening skills – the mirroring helps.
3. They know you are interested in the conversation.

Always works. Never fails!

Repetition of what people say makes people fall in love, with what you say.

2 principles of work

  1. Do not do anything you hate.
  2. Show up every day, no matter how hard.

Great work does not have to have a gospel as long as a Constitution.

Simple works. Because it tells you the truth straight in your face.


“How to deal with exam stress?”

It is something that I took as a medicine, in my school/college days.

Life is a wonderful gift, and you must focus on learning.
If you take that pain of small time and learn to deal with it as a medicine, you will enjoy the process of learning.

Which is the most beautiful thing about life.

Exams, come and go.
Learning stays.

Why take life insurance early?

Less premium. More coverage.

Why wouldn’t you want to take life insurance early?

Some life decisions serve us entire life, and even after that. Not making them, cost us entire life, perhaps after that.

For a life without tension, life insurance is the answer :)

Being at peace with yourself

“If you are loved only when you are around, then it’s not love. It’s convenience.”

When I recently shared this thought on Twitter, someone responded: “You keep blabbering bakwaas.”

“At 42 that’s a good use of my time. Bade maze aate hai blabbering bakwaas.”

‘You are a very insecure and attention seeking person. You must mature now. That’s my piece of advice to you. Currently you are full of attention seeking and approval seeking small girlish behavior. Advice: take it or leave it.”

“Appreciate your feedback. Thanks for taking the time to share it, when you really didn’t have to. Have a lovely day. And a good week ahead :)”

“And I am sure, this little conversation of ours will change you for good and better. Thank me later!! I am a well wisher who is providing you constructive criticism. :)”

“If you see a difference in me from now on, you know who to thank. The man in the mirror.”

When I was at peace while responding to someone who was apparently triggered in their own life, someone asked me: “Sir how do you deal with triggered people so gracefully without it mentally exhausting you?”

Here’s my take on it:
When you know who you truly are, what people think of you is merely an opinion.
They may be right or wrong in their own world, but when you are aware of your world, everything else is a herd

When you are at peace with who you are, what others think of you doesn’t matter till very far.

The magic ingredients of running a company

Processes – that let everyone know what they are supposed to do, and when.

Culture – that respects everyone, irrespective of what they do or where they are from.

Investment in technology – so that humans do not waste endless hours to do what a software could do for way lesser time, rather they use their creativity where it could nurture the best

The 4th ingredient is the most important one: As a leader, you do not have to optimise to solve all the problems. You rather have to optimise for being resilient and detached from the problem, in order to be able to solve all the surprise problems life throws at you.

The magic ingredient is that when you have the foundation right, you would have the right wisdom to solve the problems, when they arise.

Instead of this, do this…

Instead of wanting to be right, do better…

Instead of doing things to impress others, do what is right to you. No matter what…

Instead of running after the validation of everyone, validate yourself.

What seems like the right thing is often the glamourous thing. Which might not the be the right thing.

Right requires efforts. Right requires discipline to let go of the wrong. Including that of yourself.

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