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Hustle hard vs work hard

I am the biggest “non-fan” of hustle.
Not that I despise people who do.
Just that I believe you get more done when you do less. By planning and executing really well.

Not choosing to hustle does not mean, though, that you should not work hard.
You absolutely must.
However, how work in sprints like a lion. And make the most of that hunt of time.

Hustle is not truly needed, once you start working hard with planning and executing like a pro.

You will change

If you go back to my blogs 10 years back, I would be a totally different person.
So would it happen if you go to my Facebook from 12 years back.
Or even if you ask my family who I was a decade back, I was totally different.

We all change.

The idea is not to protect who you were yesterday.
The idea is to evolve from who you were, yesterday.

How many days to plan for the offsite?

We plan for our next offsite once we are back from our previous one.

And the execution mode begins exactly 30 days before the take off date.
My shoot.
Coordinating with subtitling agency.
Team planning their tasks.
Everyone coordinating on what they are supposed to do.

Working for 30 days in advance. For a 3 day offsite.
Welcome to running a company!

It is not that we are stressed out throughout this.
However, we are rather chilled out and focused on not stressing out, which helps us before, during and after the offsite.

Isn’t that a plan?

Why I felt useless

After I finished my MBA, I joined a management consulting firm.

I was working with smart people, getting paid a lot of money, and I was good at it.
It made me happy.


There was something missing.
While I was immensely satisfied, I felt useless.
It was then that I was introduced to the concept of ikigai and I realised why. 

Ikigai is a Japanese term that roughly translates to “a reason for being.”

It states that YOUR reason of being is the intersection of:

1. What you are good at
2. What you love
3. What the world needs
4. What you can be paid for

However, it wasn’t so much the intersection of 4 circles that was interesting.

It was the intersection of 3 or lesser circles that explained a lot more.
It explained to me why I felt useless in consulting.

I was doing something that I was good at, that made me happy, that made my money, BUT it was not something that I THOUGHT the world needed.
No one got up any morning saying, ‘I wish I had more consultants in my life’.
So while I was very close to my ikigai, I was still far away! 

It is this critical nuance that most people miss out on.

The meaning of your life is the intersection of ALL 4 things, not 3 or 2.
And understanding what the intersection of 3/2 circles means, brings us closer to the meaning of Ikigai.

How I spend my time

I spend only 10% of my time in content.

20% is spent in learning and reading.
20% is spent in conversations with people.

And a good 50% in thinking and doing nothing.

It is a time distribution that has served me well, and also lead to the biggest opportunities I got lucky to be sitting on.

What does your time distribution look like?

A bus pass of Rs. 13

I used to commute to my college by bus.
By availing of my unlimited bus pass.

However, how to get that bus pass was a monthly grind I used to go through, which had a fun of its own.

I used to stand in a queue every month.
For 4-5 hours.
To be able to travel in buses endlessly, by paying Rs. 13 per month.

Those were the days!

And the best part of those days? Meeting my wife on a bus :)

It sucks

Every job sucks.
Every startup sucks.
Every relationship sucks.

The goal is not to find something that won’t suck at all – because at some point everything does.

The goal is to find something you are happy to struggle along – because you care about it. And who you are becoming in the process.

About competition

One of my favourite thinkers, Seth Godin, recently wrote about competition.
And how it is all pervasive.

I totally agree to his PoV.

However, what, then should be the driving force of what you create – your business, a side project or a piece of art you want to create?

That you bring YOU into it.

Not what you must be.
Not what you should be.
Certainly not what the voice of resistance says it should be.

Do your own thing. Your own way.
And you would find a way to beat the competition by not competing against them.
Which is a win-win.

8 hours in a week!

A lot of people reach out to me on social media and emails, and appreciate me for creating content consistently on almost every social media platform, considering it is a difficult thing to be active there all of the time.

However, I am not creating content daily. Nor am I active there all of the time :)

I shoot content for 8 hours every Monday. And that gets into a two-week production cycle. Every week. And then my team takes on their respective roles.

We do the same boring things every week.
However, we don’t do it entire week.
We have our days planned. And we show up. Consistently.

Showing up as per process > Showing up urgently

Engagement on social media

We track our social media content meticulously.
Every week – on what worked, and what didn’t.

Amidst all of this, one fascinating sight that has emerged is what kind of posts have higher and lower reach.
Yesterday I shared my content journey on Twitter, and how I create content. It received a decent amount of interaction and traction.

However, whenever I post something related to having more validation or having fun, it automatically gets more traction. Because that is what social media is all about.

The key, then, is to create content in a manner that allows you to validate the audience and state your point conclusively.
When you strike that balance consistently, that is when you have won the game of content.

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