“It’s okay to work long hours. I will make my parents happy with the money I make.”
This was one of the biggest mistakes I made, when I was younger.

I thought I would send them on vacations.
Buy them new things.
Make their life comfortable.

Pamper them so much, for all the sacrifices they made to help me reach where I am.

Truth is — the busier I got, the less happy they were.
Despite all the things they now had.
Because they didn’t have the thing they valued the most now – my time. 

Here is the undeniable truth.
Our parents are going to die, and we have no idea when.
Sadly, we do not have all the time in the world.

I’m grateful I saw the wrong in my ways.
Today, my relationship with my parents is the best it has ever been.

True relationships do not need things to grow.
They need time.

Make sure to give your loved ones this time.