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What's inside?

300 pages. One page a day. Your daily read for a year :)

Chapter 1: Success (and failure)

success definitions, and using failures as an advantage

Chapter 2: Habits

small habits for big things and multiple opportunities 

Chapter 3: Awareness

better choices from a point of awareness

Chapter 4: Entrepreneurship

decades of entrepreneurship, reflections and learnings 

Chapter 5: Money

mistakes, investments, lies, and lessons

Chapter 6: Relationships

with others and yourself

What are the readers saying?


“DO EPIC SHIT” is the first book that I have completed reading in merely 24 hours.



You can hear his voice in your head as a mentor/guide and the genuineness of his way of bringing things and situations alive is touching.



This book is a blessing



Ankur takes us on a journey, where each of us shall relate to the episodes of events in some way or the other. Ever wished to decode DO EPIC SHIT? You would not wish to miss this READ – a possession for life.



1.Seedhi baat no Bakwas
2.Gagar me Sagar
3.Gyan ke Bhandare ka Prasad
Loot sako to loot lo
4.Har ek page, pehle se bhi tej



The letter at the end of Do Epic Shit which warikoo has written to their children is priceless, very heartfelt. I am assuming that you have written them for me too.


Love pouring in
from all over the world

Ankur Book

Note from warikoo

One thing I will forever be grateful to my parents for is instilling the habit of reading in me. 

Books are the gateways to heaven we keep closed, if we do not open up their pages.

I have a budget for EVERYTHING in life but not books. 

Thus, when I wrote DO EPIC SHIT, I wanted first-time readers to get into a habit of reading books.

As you pick up one page of DO EPIC SHIT at a time, I truly hope you find yourself in these pages.

And never stop discovering this part of you, by building a lifelong relationship with reading!

Because the treasures that lie inside of you, need to be polished through someone else talking them out to you in person. Books do exactly that :)

Go, DO EPIC SHIT my friend!!