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How to deal with procrastination?

The reason we procrastinate is because we think we have time.

Let me explain:

Let’s say you have a college assignment to submit a week later.
And your default is to start working on the deadlines.
Because of which, the quality of your work suffers.
So does your sleep cycle and your productivity.

Thus, when we think we have time, we are essentially putting the onus of letting the last moment overcome the progress of small wins. Which ultimately makes us lose.

Seneca says, it is not much about what you bear, rather how you bear it.

It is not much about what is it you have to work on, rather how you work on it systematically.

How a leader builds trust

We often talk about a team building trust with their leader, however, that is a direct reflection of how a leader builds trust.

Here’s how:

  • By knowing that they don’t speak ill of any member in the team.
  • By making sure to be there for the team members when they need them.
  • By being honest in what they do and who they are.
  • By not being a superman, and showing when they are figuring life out.
  • By being someone who respects people for who they are and where they are coming from, instead of imposing their own choices and beliefs.

A leader builds trust by not considering them as a head, rather a part of the team.

Life hacks that hack out distractions

  1. Setting distraction time – it distracts me away from distractions, when I am working.
  2. Saying no. A lot. Because I want to sleep on time.
  3. I meditate. Because I know who I am, it lets me let go of what isn’t serving me.

To let distractions come in, is a choice. A choice, that we get to make all of the time.

How to not pay taxes?

If you don’t want to pay taxes, do not make any money at all.

No money, no taxes :)

The idea is not to run away from taxes. The idea is to get rich and pay taxes.

Because, you can cut back only so much on expenses. But if you surround yourself with the right people and do the right things, you can make a way bigger amount of money.

What do books change?

Human brain knows so little.
It is a powerhouse that can learn and understand so much.
Yet most people continue having the same 99% thoughts that they had yesterday.

How to have better thoughts?
By reading books.
They help you peep into the world of someone else without living their life! What could be a better life than this?

Yet we choose to look into the Insta stories of someone and feel worse!!

Books are cool, because they save you from being a fool!

What to do when things are not working out?

When you are in the content creation game, numbers are sometimes up, and sometimes down.

What do you do when they are down?

  • Look at the past data, when they were up; and draw conclusions from that.
  • Look at what is working for those whose numbers are up.

In other words, draw inspiration from:

a. History
b. History being created by others right now

To figure out how to get better in the future, it always helps to lean on history. That is the law of history.

How to wake up early

To not force yourself to making big leaps. Start small

To not compare your journey to someone else’s. Only you know your body and its pace of adaption to life.

To have a schedule. There is no difference between waking up early and not having a schedule, and not waking up early.

Most importantly, to sleep on time.

What seems like a mammoth task, is only a task of getting the basics right.

Money is happiness

When we choose to invest our money due to FOMO, we are sacrificing our happiness AND peace of mind to make more money.

However, wise investors don’t do that.

Investing wisely is important.
Investing due to FOMO is incongruent – to the investing principles.

Only when you do not lose sleep in a bull market and do not get anxious in a bear market, will money be able to buy you happiness. Otherwise, it is merely a downward spiral.

In your 20s…

– Do not feel you are running out of time. You are very, very, very young
– The only person you should be competing with, is who you were yesterday
– We are compelled to make life decisions very early in life. You have time, and it’s okay to not rush!

You are not behind. Trust yourself the most, in your 20s.

Why should you not compare?

  1. Because you want different things from life than anyone else.
  2. Everyone did not start at the same point.
  3. Everyone did not go through the same life experiences as you did.
  4. Everyone is not going in the same direction.
  5. It is a disrespect to your journey and all the hardships you have endured.

Few things are as powerful as being satisfied in your journey so far, yet taking actions every day, to get better at it.

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