Someone is tired of their job.
Someone hates their boss.
Someone feels they are in the wrong relationship.
Someone wants to startup but is not sure if it’s the right move.
Someone wants to move abroad, but isn’t sure which country.
Someone questions if they should move out of their hometown or not.

Whenever I get emails like this, I reply to them with my favorite question, “What do you want to do?”

Once they come to that point, my next question is, “What is stopping you?”

This is when reality hits hard.
More often than not, it is our own mind.

We have convinced ourselves that we should not pursue what we want to do.

Because it is too risky, because people will laugh, because we might fail, because what will the world say, because we may not get a chance to recover.

But you know what?

A year from now, you will regret not having started today.
Time goes away and leaves us with only one of these two things: Results or regret.

Even failure is a result.

It tells us what we need to fix, what we need to improve, what we need to eliminate, what we need to work on.

A year from now, you can never be sure of the results, the way you want it.
But you can certainly be sure of regret, if you do not start today.

Make that move.

Every day you spend in this pain, you are not living. You are dying every day.