I was absolutely wrong about the world, while in school.

I was the diligent, studious, and obedient kid.
But there were kids around me who weren’t.
And I looked down upon them.

I thought those who smoke, drink, do not study and do not obey were evil people.

I felt righteous in my approach.
And felt right to judge them!

But I was wrong.

Most of those kids have gone on to do meaningful things in life.

One of them runs a big chemist shop.

He went out of his way to source medicines for my mom during the 2nd wave of COVID.
When we had lost all hope.

I am not proud of the judgemental person that I was back then.
And I am glad that life taught me to act better and be better, in the best manner possible.

In the end, how you treat people defines who you truly are!