I was 21.
Studying at Hindu College, Delhi University.

Back then, everyone’s favourite drink on campus was Banta (also called nimbu soda or kancha bottle.)

However, the seller’s setup at the time had a few shortcomings:

Dirty hands.
Glasses used again and again.

I thought there had to be a hygienic way of executing the business.

Enter “warikoo Banta!”

Plastic gloves.
Disposable glasses.
Charged at a premium (Rs. 7 instead of Rs. 3 at the time.)

I made a business plan for 300 stalls.
Projected revenue of Rs. 1.2 Cr/year.
Profit of Rs. 30 L/year.

However, it needed an investment of Rs. 15L upfront.

Since I didn’t have the money, I went to the only investor I knew.
My parents.
Turns out, not surprisingly, they didn’t have the money either.
This was more money than we had ever had in our lifetime, haha!

So I dropped the idea.

BECAUSE I couldn’t arrange 15L, back in the year 2001, to start 300 stalls of warikoo Banta.
Not even for a second did I think – should I start with just one and see where it goes?

Because in my head – I had to start BIG.
That was the only way to start.

Today, I am wise.
Life taught me a very important life lesson.

DO NOT confuse starting slow as starting small.