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There is a way to avoid failures and rejections altogether.
By not trying in the first place.

The result: no failure, no rejection.
And lifelong regret.

Failure is an answer.
Rejection is an answer. 

Regret is a lifelong question you will never have an answer to.

What do we value the most?

How do we truly know what it is that we value?

The thing that is most important to us.

Whether in our relationships.
Whether in our work.
Whether at our company.

It is the thing we measure frantically.

If we measure sales, as against customer success, then that is what we value.
If we measure bank balance as against time spent with family, then that is what we value..

Anything that we measure the most, is what we value the most.

Why aren’t we happy more often?

When do we feel bad?
Almost always because of an external trigger – circumstances or people.

When do we feel good?
Almost always an internal trigger – something we have done or felt. 

If both statements hold true, how is it that we feel bad more often than we feel good? 

If feeling good is within our control, why do we allow an external stimulus to make us feel bad? 

If we do not want anyone or anything to make us feel bad, especially when we don’t want to, we have to allow ourselves to be happy whenever we want to. 

What’s the biggest achievement?

You’re loving your journey.
Working hard.
Making remarkable progress. 

You can see it.
Everyone else can see it.

And then you see, there’s someone else more successful.
Getting more accolades than you. 

Does that suddenly make you feel that your success is lesser? 

Does that make you doubt your own self?

And perhaps your wonderful journey so far?

To not be insecure of someone else’s success and finding security in your own achievement, is the biggest achievement.

What’s home?

The place you were born?
The place where you stay?
The place you go back to?
The place where your family is? 

Is home a place?
Or something deeper?
An emotion?

Home is where we belong. 

Home is where we would never want to run away from.
Home is a vibe where we could be us, without any masks that we are supposed to wear.
Home is not just a place of four walls. 

It’s an abode where all walls collapse.

Is there a price of happiness?

Clicking pictures of food.
Sharing the best vacation pics.
Getting more likes and comments.

Society has conditioned us to believe in this definition of happiness.

However, does this really make us happy? 

Or is it a dopamine boost that we get while being appreciated by people, who hardly know us?

True happiness is being able to enjoy what’s truly important. 

The nature.
The feeling of looking at the people we love the most.
The joy and responsibility of knowing that there are kids who look up to us to show them how the world works.

Your happiness is priceless.
Not putting a price tag of external validation to it is the most valuable thing for it.

“But I have already spent so much time doing this”

You do not like your job.
And you want to change it.
But you have spent years doing it.

Won’t all of that go to waste?

That isn’t the right question to ask.

Instead the right question is: “If I don’t make the move I want to make, what about the years ahead that would be wasted?”

The time spent commiting a mistake isn’t time wasted.
The realisation that it is a mistake stops it from getting wasted.

Feeling helpless in front of Karma?

What’s Karma?

It is the concept that we reap what we sow.

Our past determines our present.
What we see today is as a result of what we did in the past.
And that could be a helpless feeling.

I can’t change my past.

So that means, I cannot change what is happening to me.

What if we looked at Karma differently?

What we’ll do today will reflect in our future.
And that’s the power Karma gives us.

Karma gives us the biggest power – to do the right karma today.
And change our future.

When do we earn trust?

When are the times that trust is earned?
When we are supposed to show up, and we do?

Or instead – when there’s tension, uncertainty, ambiguity and we aren’t expected to show up?

Trust is earned when no one trusts us to show up and yet we do.

Is your kindness a problem?

You’ve been kind to people.
And some have betrayed you.

You’ve been giving 100% of yourself.
And some people have broken your trust.

Should you give up your kindness?


Maybe the thing to give up is that relationship.

Kindness didn’t cause you pain.
The person did. 

Your kindness didn’t backfire.
The relationship did.

Your kindness isn’t the problem. It is the biggest superpower you have.

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