I tend to think a lot. More than I should. And starting this year, I wanted to change that. 

The human ability to imagine, sets us apart, in both good ways and bad. While it’s allowed us to created the world that we live in today, where the environment isn’t creating our world but we are creating the environment around us to live in, our imagination on a more regular basis plays havoc with our focus. 

Our thinking, our excessive thinking, leads to pressure. To expectations. To imagine results. To imagine success or failure. 

While our ability to focus, was meant to be above all of this. 

Meditation has taught me an important lesson. 

Being aware of your feelings, your emotions – is not the same as thinking about them. 

The ability to focus on something, is the ability to not imagine anything around the past or future moment. 

Simply be aware

Focus doesn’t know pressure. 

Pressure is what we create to give an illusion that focus alone can’t help us win. When ironically, focus is the loneliest action we can adopt.