I saw “I am Bolt” – a documentary on Usain Bolt, this weekend. 

It’s about his journey to become the fastest man ever on earth, and to go on to win Golds in 3 consecutive Olympic Games – a feat that will remain largely unmatched for a long long time. 

Watching the documentary made me sad. 

I recognized that sports, most of them, by definition have “that” moment. 

That moment when you know you have won. 

That moment you own. It’s yours. When you breakdown, you fall to the ground or rise to the crowd. When you know it’s over. 

That moment when you win. 

Most of us will never experience that moment. Our lives are way too slow, way too gradual, perhaps even way too predictable. 

And what made me sad was no matter how hard I tried, imagining my life to comprise such moments is super hard. 

There will rarely be moments when I will have the world’s attention towards me and in that pressure I will deliver, win and will feel this rush of emotions take over. 

And in that moment of sadness, I asked myself. 

Should I be thankful instead? That I will never have such a moment. 

That life gradually happens, every single day. It’s the process, your attitude, your reactions – the journey, that happens to us. Not those moments.

And it’s a blessing it’s this way?