…is the same as that to the ISB Class of 2019, 2020, 2021

…was the same as that to all the previous classes

1. Do not feel entitled. The world doesn’t owe you anything 

ISB is a trap. The good quality professors, the air conditioned campus, the house keeeping, the catered food, the speedy wifi, the placement cell. 

Everything is a trap. To make you feel entitled. 

And if you fall into the trap that ISB owes you these things because you have a paid a certain amount to be there – you will only feel resentment and frustration. 

Instead, focus on yourself. What do you need to do to win. What are you great at? Where will that be valued? How can you become better? More disciplined? Sharper in your communication? 

Focus on what you have and how you can change your world through it. 

Not on what you expect the world to give you because of who you are. 

2. Don’t let anyone else define your success or failure 

The definition of success or failure is a horrible, crowd-sourced, spam! 

Getting into consulting is success. A 20L job is success. Deans list is success. Extracurricular is success. And the opposites are failure 

Says who? 

The median voice of 950+ students, most of whom have no fucking idea what they wish to do in life

You see how disastrous this spam is? Because it only reaches straight to our minds, it plays with our minds. Leads us to believe that we are gods or inadequate. That we are worth it or not. 

Define your own success. Let it be grades, or learning. Let it be money or work life balance. Let it be corporate or entrepreneurship. Let it be classroom or outside. 

Don’t let anyone else tell you what you should be doing. No one. 

Have a great year. 

May you find your true self this year