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IIMA Has How Many Engineers In The New Class of 2009-11???

94%…yes you heard it right…94%…! Thats just 6% lower than a situation wherein a stressed-out parent enters the campus, approaches the reception and asks, “Madam (or sir…I dont mean to be sexist here!), I want to enroll my son for the engineering course.”

Figure this:

Out of 391 students in the IIMA Class of 2009-11:

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Apple’s Next iPhone: Unveiled

Update: Received a news tip from Simon that inspite of the crazy PVs that the Gizmodo article got, not to mention some 30,000 retweets, they ended up making little or no money at all from the leaked iPhone post! Funny ways of the Internet…FREE is the next paid!

Original Post

Dont know if this is true or not, but if it is…I am a happy man! It looks quite awesome!

Apple’s Next iPhone: Unveiled

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The Day Einstein Died: Exclusive Photographs

Albert Einstein, the genius physicist whose theories changed our ideas of how the universe works, died 55 years ago, on April 18, 1955, of heart failure. He was 76. His funeral and cremation were intensely private affairs, and only one photographer managed to capture the events of that extraordinary day: LIFE magazine’s Ralph Morse.

Click on the photographs to view the entire Slideshow on

Armed with his camera and a case of scotch — to open doors and loosen tongues — Morse compiled a quietly intense record of an icon’s passing. But aside from one now-famous image (above), the pictures Morse took that day were never published. At the request of Einstein’s son, who asked that the family’s privacy be respected while they mourned, LIFE decided not to run the full story, and for 55 years Morse’s photographs lay unseen and forgotten.

They have released them now!

Travel Blog: Rishikesh Rafting

Destination: Rishikesh (Rafting)

When: April 2010 (Weekend)

Who: 9 of us

Stayed: Stayed at the Milestones Camp (Beach number 18). The camps were quite nice, just what one needs for a rafting trip. Its not luxurious or anything and serves the purpose just right. Toilets are also quite decent. However, come prepared for mosquitos. The place houses 11 tents with double occupancy, and it gets really hot inside those tents. So always a better idea to sleep outside under the skies! It costs around Rs. 3,000 per person for a 3D/2N trip including 2 stretches of rafting.

Transport: By road the journey is PAINFUL to say the least. Make sure you have great company. The highway is worst than the service lanes of gurgaon and you will not average more than 25kmph on the entire stretch. Best option (and also the hardest to get) will be train. Take one to Haridwar, post which its a 2 hrs drive to the camp.

But wait, there is a catch. When you raft, you are supposed to come back to the camp on your own. Thats simple if you have your own conveyance, and hiring a cab there will cost a lot. (We had to hire a driver and that itself cost us 600 for 2 days, the cab will be atleast 3 times more).

A Catch-22 situation…but deal with it.

Food: Milestones serves good food. Home cooked and yummy. You wont eat anywhere else…so thats pretty much it.


1. Rafting: The usual itinerary is that you raft from Marine Drive to Shivpuri on Day 1 and Shivpuri to LaxmanJhula on day 2. Rafting is safe for non-swimmers as well (I am one of them) but the deal is not to panic. Yes, you will not feel any ground beneath your feet when you are in water, but take the plunge and enjoy the current.

There is also a stretch called THE WALL, which is meant to be attempted only by swimmers or swimmers with balls of steels. We were neither!

Rafting is a fantastic exercise. We loved every bit of it. Each raft accommodates 6-9 people depending on the size, and its most fun if the entire raft is yours. It does strain you physically but you will enjoy every moment of it!

2. Cliff Jump: The highlight of the trip. You jump from some 30 odd feet…not a lot…but it takes the hell out of you to do it. We all did it around 2 times each and each time the feeling was just the same. HIGHLY recommended!

3. Random Jazz (rappelling, rock climbing): Will be part of the camp. Do it if you enjoy the stuff, but chances are you wont have the energy to do so!

Chandni Chowk Weekend Shoot

Went for a 4 hour shoot last Saturday with Prameet, to Chandni Chowk (& Jama Masjid). Great experience…fantastic feel to the city early morning (we reached a little late around 7am). Worth the entire effort…!

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What Can You Do If Your GMail or Google Account is Hacked?

Some lessons learnt from my experience of dealing with a hacked account! What to do to retrieve your GMail / Email account and what to do thereafter to protect your account.

Early this morning, my GMail account was hacked into. I checked my mails as usual around 8am and then had to head straight for a meeting. During the meeting, around 10.30 I get a call from someone who I havent heard from in the past 4 years (but have the number of, nonetheless). I dont pick up. In the next 30 minutes, I get 47 missed calls! My first reaction – there has been a bomb blast and people are just checking!

Well, my GMail account had been hacked. The hacker had sent out an email to several of my contacts, with the following message

I’m writing this with tears in my eyes,my fam and I came down here to London,England for a short vacation unfortunately we were mugged at the park of the hotel where we stayed,all cash,credit card and cell were stolen off us but luckily for us we still have our passports with us.

We’ve been to the embassy and the Police here but they’re not helping issues at all and our flight leaves in less than 3hrs from now but we’re having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won’t let us leave until we settle the bills.

Am freaked out at the moment.

– – – – –

It honestly was a shock, since I am extremely cautious when it comes to my emails. And my password is also quite weird for someone to just guess. But it still happened and I have no clue how! But I managed to come out of it…and here is how.

How To Recover Your Hacked GMail Account?

1. As a first step, inform your known ones that your account has been hacked, so any mails from your address should not be acted upon. This is best done from social sites such as Facebook or Twitter. I sent out a mail to the ISB Alumni and called everyone back who call I had missed!

2. Fill up the recovery form on Google. This is the fastest (and usually surest) way of getting your account back. However, this requires you to remember stuff like when you started using GMail, the top addresses that you send emails to, names of labels in your account, who sent you the invite for GMail, which address was it sent to etc etc.

They usually respond in 3-4 hours and if they dont, then send it once again. But not more than that. They will come back.

How To Protect Your GMail Account From Hacking?

1. If you havent done it already, have a secondary account tied to your GMail. The hacker in my case was smart and had changed even that, so I couldnt retrieve my password. But mostly this works fine. Ofcourse, dont use the same password for both the accounts!

2. Its a good idea to keep an eye on the IP session information right on the bottom of your GMail page. Clicking on details will give you information of the last 5 sessions and it will be pretty obvious if your account is being used someplace else too. Best in this segment is the “Close all other sessions” which will sign all other users out, except your current session. If you have any concerns of safety, change your password right then.

3. Google also allows you to setup your mobile as one of the password retrieving mechanisms. Depending on how careless, or careful you are as an individual, exercise this option. If you are the ones who lose their mobiles every 3rd month, might not be the best bet!

– – – – –

Phew! Its a relief that I have my account and sound. Not to mention that this entire day was a mini-reunion with people whom I hadnt reached out to months or even years! Its scary how much something like an email has become a part of you…!

Did you pay your taxes? – 2

Then our dear behenji should thank you. No..not for the rally where she spent 200 crores…not for the (5 crore!!??) money garland as well…and definitely not for the statues that she has built all over (not missing the purse though), but for this!

Mayawati has launched a high level probe into how a huge swarm of honey bees descended on Maya’s podium during her speech at her Rs 200 cr mega rally in Lucknow yesterday. The bees landed on the roof of the stage and made a hive below where the CM stood, after invading the Rama Bai Ambedkar maidan, the venue of the rally held to celebrate the party’s 25th anniversary

If this isnt WTF-ness of the highest order, here is the mother of all WTFness the world will ever get to see

Mayawati’s party alleges that the appearance of the bees is a political conspiracy. Pointing to mischief, the UP Government has ordered an inquiry

At times I wish I earn less…so that my taxes could have only gone as far as the garland and the rally. But the bee-sting high level committee? We are doomed. This woman makes me feel scared of the 33% reservation than anything else!

And while we are at it, can someone please file an RTI to get a copy of this report, when it comes out after 7 years. Am sure Ripley will buy it for a handsome price…

Did you pay your taxes – 1

Sitting Next To An Annoying Passenger On Flight

I dont take responsibility for any pain that WILL BE inflicted on you, once you attempt to do so…but nonetheless…try it!

What to do in a flight when you have an annoying passenger sitting next to you:

1. Remove your laptop from the case

2. Open the laptop slowly and carefully

3. Turn it on, while gulping down your own spit

4. Make sure the passenger next to you is looking (well…you dont really have to do that, because 99% he will already be looking)

5. Close your eyes for a few moments and look up to the skies

6. Open this site (well…the Internet wont work, so save the file and open it) –


Whats funny about these forwards is thinking of a possibility when everyone starts taking them seriously! Imagine you open your laptop to the site above and the one next to you goes…”damn…I was supposed to do that in the next minute”

or better still

Imagine you open your laptop to the site above and the one next to you goes…”damn brother…couldnt you have told the head office about this plan…i wont have friggin spent last 6 months learning how to take a bomb through airport security…now what do i do with mine?”

Fwd Courtesy: Komal Jalan

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