Something has changed on Uber maps. My home address, when pinned, reads the name of the colony next door. 

So this morning I found my driver wandering in that colony. Called him to check. 

“Sir – but you entered the name of this colony, so I came here”

“I didn’t enter that. It was Uber who picked it up”

You see what I did there? 

I defended myself. With a fact, yes. But I did defend myself. 

And I asked myself – why did I do it? What is it that I was trying to achieve? Prove that I am not a moron? Prove that this was a factual error and not intended? Prove that I am better than this? 

Guess what – no one cares a fuck! 

When the work isn’t done, we offer an excuse. A defense. And let’s assume that the defense is valid. 

That still doesn’t mean anything. It didn’t get the job done. 

And yet we offered the excuse as if it could replace the desired result. 

No one cares a fuck! 

Our excuses does not mean the work got done. Instead it conclusively proves that the work wasn’t done. 

An excuse is the distance between where you are and where you could have been.