When Vidur was 6 months old, we conducted a mental experiment. 

Every night, when we put him to sleep, we played music. The same kind. Every time. 

For about 3 weeks, we followed this regime. While putting in effort to put him to sleep. Effort that was visibly coming down with every passing day. 

By the end of 3 weeks, we started to play the music. And saw “magic” happen.  

He fell asleep by himself. 

Today, at 6 years, he takes no more than 5 mins everyday to sleep. Mostly doing so by himself. 

He has developed, what I call the 6pack abs for his mind. 

The recipe for physical abs is well established. 

Nothing similar exists for the mind. How do you get your mind to the highest fitness levels? 

My realization is that the mind can be easily tricked. Its naive, almost without a mind of its own. 

But we leave the fitness regime for the mind, to chance. 

We leave inspiration to chance. A video here, a talk there, a quote somewhere. Not actively sought, but accidentally encountered. 

We leave positivity to chance 

We leave inspiring company to chance

We leave learning to chance

When, we can trick the brain every single day. 

People who know me well, know about my fetish for superlatives

“Fuck, this is awesome”

“Something fascinating happened”

“It was magical”

“It’s such a splendid moment” 

I am tricking my mind. With the choice of these words. It feels it’s actually something awesome. And feeds back that emotion. The circle completes itself. 

Everyday when you wake up, you have a choice 

Tell your mind I am going to make you happy today


Ask your mind to make you happy today

Choose wisely!