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Travel Blog: Pushkar

Pushkar was an unexpected surprise. I hate religious places and the likes of Haridwar and Rishikesh have done more damage to my belief in god than Swami Nithyanand! I still believe in god though, but surely not the way these places preach and teach!

But Pushkar was far better. Clean lake, beautiful market with warm friendly people who actually speak Hindi in India (you have got to go to Udaipur to understand what I mean), not out there to get you and rob you! The occasion was our anniversary and we stayed at a nice eco-resort 10kms ahead of Pushkar – strongly recommended for its luxury and service (nevermind the average food!) – The Green House Resort, Pushkar

While the cuisine spread is quite impressive (and natural, considering the international tourists), the quality is quite average. Nonetheless, the good places to eat would be “Out of the blue (on the main Pushkar Market Road), Raju Restaurant (same location, with a nice view of the lake) and Sixth Sense (Closer to the bus-stand, in the Haveli Inn)

Some clicks from the place!

ISB R1 Interviews For Batch of 2012

The R1 ISB interviews for Class of 2012 are almost over. Delhi was the last venue (severely postponed because of the Ayodhya verdict – no the panel was not involved in declaring it!!) and a few remain at ISB itself and telephonic. Results are scheduled for Nov 15th and we are pretty much on track.

This year was slightly different from last time. I dont know if its the likes of Pagalguy or the GMAT coaching institutes that define the flavor of the year, but something has got to be happening out there to this respect. It reminds me of MTV’s Artist of the Month (when MTV still used to be about music, most of you might not even remember or believe that!). All you got to hear through the 30 odd days was that artist, and rarely anything else.

So while last year, candidates smoked up Social and NGO shit as their future goals, this year it was entrepreneurship.

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What Dont You Like About Delhi?

Nothing – there isnt anything that I like about Delhi!


So Ruchi and I are out for a movie, part of our busy jobless life schedule, that we are approached by this 21-yr old. The presence of the camera guy suggests that she is a journo and yes, she turns out to be one!

“Can we please have you say a few words on the things you dont like about Delhi?”

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Discover Music: Google India Music

Google launched its Music Search feature in India today.

Such an elegant blend of collaboration, technology and customer delight! And at the same time, again disruptive in nature. Direct traffic loss for the music streaming sites, google acquires higher power through search and their argument – hey, we are only increasing discoverability!

Double-edged! But neat!

CWG Delhi 2010 – Strangely Feeling Sad At Its End

I love the month of October. It has a festive feel to itself, with the weather changing, the discounts increasing, Dusshera and Durga Puja celebrations. This year however, Delhi wore a festive look early on itself with the CWG. I still recall how scared I was for India, during the runup to the games and whatever was being splashed in the media. While at one hand, its easy to dismiss India’s objective to hold these events in the first place (and honestly, I dont quite disgaree with Mani’s point of view on the games), its something that we had brought upon ourselves. And we had no choice but to deliver.

It was the night of October 01 that I finally felt that we would do it! I recall the drive through Lutyens Delhi and it was a feeling I had last experienced while walking on the India Gate Grass on Aug 15th, 1997 (India’s 50th Independence Year). The city was dressed like a bride, prim proper, shining infrastructure!

And it does seem we have done it. The games ended, I managed to catch 2 days of action (pics below) and feel sad that the festivity is over. I loved the crowds we bumped into at the stadium, the metro ride to the venues, the thrill of watching India win and pride when the Anthem was played.

Unfortunately (and I hope not), we all will forget that the games were not the best prepared for, just because they happened to be fantastically managed through the days. But such is India. Public memory is short and the same media which was blasting its own country cannot help praising it today.

I will admit. Even while I respect Mani’s views, a part of me wants to witness the Olympics in my lifetime, in India.

Proud to be a delhilite. Proud to be an Indian

Success Is My Only MotherF**king Option…Failure Is Not

Look… If you had… one shot… or one opportunity…
To seize everything you ever wanted… one moment…
Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?

It was in the summer of 2003 that I first heard Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. Amongst multiple things that I loved about the song (including the fact that one of best looking girl in my Michigan State Class used to ‘humm’ this all day long), this line stuck to me ever since.

Success Is My Only MotherF**king Option…Failure Is Not

I write this today because one, I havent written a blog entry for a long time (!!!) and two, because this line was the last thought in my head when I went to sleep last night. Things reached a psychological conclusion last night and today reemphasized to me multiple things that I had started to consider as trivial, but werent!

There is a lot that I have set myself up for, in terms of targets and what have you. And I know that failure is not an option. It never was, it never will be.

Cheers to life ahead and a new beginning!

Leh-Ladakh In Pics

The place is AWESOME – prettier than anything else I have seen before. And nothing can do justice to the destination that is Leh-Ladakh

My contribution…more as a tribute than a showcase of my photography!

Sourabh Usha Narang R.I.P

Interestingly, in an interview to a website in 2002, he was asked, “Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?” Narang had replied, “Given the amount I smoke, I should be dead.”

If the smoke didnt take him down, something else did. Sourabh passed away on June 26th, after battling stomach cancer for more than 7 months, ever since it was discovered (on Nov 17th, ironically his birthday). An award winning film-maker, his entire life lay infront of him, which is what makes this loss even more tragic. He not only leaves behind memories of being the perfect son, husband, brother and professional but a lot of things undone that were waiting to be touched by him.

I find death as a rather (for lack of better words) fascinating…something. While most people leave this earth in a normal manner, some of them leave me baffled. Sourabh and his entire family travelled to Sri Lanka, in search for an alternate treatment to his cancer, when all other standard allopathic means had failed. He was already quite weak, maybe even knew that the end was near, and yet the journey was undertaken. Only to be his last. He died not in the country where he belonged, but miles away. As if he went there only for that! As if some previous birth unfinished business had to be taken care of!

Plus the interview above. I am sure he was fibbing about it, but was he really? Did he really know. Or even if he didnt, did someone else within him know? And make him speak?

When you lose people who had so much of talent and potential and who were one of the best humans you have met, it hurts a lot. A lot.

But he is gone…and now it remains for his family to muster the courage to live on. Time is a healer but it doesnt always heal fast. The time till then will not be easy!

Even though you couldnt fight the cancer, Bhaiya, I know you wanted to, till the last minute! You are a winner!

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