I was told of a WhatsApp group last evening by a colleague

Upon getting added to the group, you can send in a request for an Uber ride, identifying the pick and drop.

Someone will respond with a quote less than the price Uber quotes.

You transfer that amount through PayTM to that number.

The Uber is booked, driver/cab details are shared with you.

And the world lives happily ever after.

Now if you were Uber, you might be livid. Someone’s fucking with you. Gaming the system. Exploiting loopholes. Let’s go get them.


If you were Uber, you would engage. Enter their world and understand them. Clearly a bunch of folks have multiple free rides that they sell for lesser. How did they land up on them? Is there a pattern? Something I can learn for the future?

No one gets up in the morning saying I will fuck someone over today.

But if they do, it’s because they saw something that you chose to ignore. Or worse still dismiss.

Open your ears to the ones who fuck around with you, and you might have less of them.