Million dollar home

Million (or billions) in funding 

Press coverage

Facebook and instagram shares


Top lists

Jury invites 

Special passes



Success – in the form we all have been trained to believe exists. 

Success – that we all work towards. Crave for. 

A misplaced definition of what the world chose for you and me. 
Do you sleep well at night? 

Does your body feel healthy?

Does your brain feel trained? Used? 

Does your conscience feel right? 

Do you dance, sing, smile when alone? 

Do you feel like waking up every morning, wanting to know yourself better

Does your charm make people give way to you without you asking 

Can you maintain eye contact 

Can you listen, even to the man in the mirror

Can you outwork anyone, anyway, without knowing if you will succeed or not? 

Does your meaning seem worth it? To you? 

Are you successful within?