At 22, I was a shy, low on confidence, single track mind, under exposed to the world guy. 

Nothing to write home about. 

So when I meet a 22 year old confident kid, who knows the world, who understands the power of story telling, who knows their own self and their place in the world, I cannot help but fall in love. 

When I interview a fresher, I admire that some of them know so much for their age and are focused, curious, hungry and ambitious. 

It will be unfair for me to compare them with those who have had time. 

Just as it would be unfair if you were to compare yourself with an achiever and feel shitty about yourself. That achiever has most likely been at this for longer than you have. 

It’s not what you know today, that makes you awesome or not. 

It’s who you can be tomorrow, should you continue on the path you are on. 

Today we are all a fact. Tomorrow we can also be a dream.