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How to protect your future

What did you do today?

Learned something?
Met someone interesting?
Took notes and executed upon your ideas?

Or watched Netflix, ate junk food and slept a little more.

And what will you do tomorrow?
Day after?

Quicker than you know, the days turn into weeks, weeks into months, months into years.
Quicker than you know, your present turns into your future.

By the choices you made today.

The best way to predict your future is to look at your day today.

A comfort worth seeking

Comfort is a trap.
It’s worth sacrificing – for your happiness and for your growth.
It sadly seduces us into believing that we don’t need to try.

However, one comfort is worth always living with: Comfort in your own company.

The world is designed to tell us to hang around people, be like them, talk like them, and do everything that makes us fit in. 

Finding comfort in your own company and growing your relationship with yourself is the only comfort to forever strive for.


We are with our friends. Yet we feel bad at the end of the conversation.
They care for us. Yet something doesn’t feel right.

We are there for them in thick and thin.
Yet we don’t see them happy when we are.

Too often, we are surrounded by beautiful toxicity in the form of friends.

People who are there for us sometimes, yet make us feel bad every time.
People who are themselves, yet never respect us for who we are.

Who you are is priceless.

Should I speak up?

In Abilene Paradox, a group decides to do something that no one in the group wants to do because everyone mistakenly assumes they’re the only ones who object to the idea and don’t want to rock the boat by speaking up.

Strange how much of our life is driven by simply fitting in.

Not speaking up is wise, if it is just to speak.
However, it isn’t wise not to voice our concerns, if only we wonder what others would think.

Sometimes, speaking up helps someone else as well, along with your own voice being heard. 

Isn’t that precious?

Temporary is good

The worst thing that would change your life forever isn’t the worst thing. 

Like every good thing that doesn’t make us excited forever, so do the bad things lose their power over time.

Time is not only a great healer, it also makes you aware of better things.

Everything is temporary.
And that’s a wonderful thing to begin with.

Chasing validation

The cool kid will always have opinions of you.
The boring kid within you will ache to do anything to get their validation.
It is going to be fascinating to leave who you are and be what they are.

Except, that isn’t success.
If changing yourself could bring you friends, they aren’t friends.
If being someone else could bring you closer to people, it is always a wiser choice to stay alone.Success is a relationship you have with yourself.
If you know who you are and where you are going, you are successful.

Focus, and lack of it

Focus is something we choose for our own selves. For the life that we have chosen. Our career. Focus makes us accountable. 

But there is another perk of that focus: The right kind of focus leads us to stop focusing on what others are doing wrong, and start looking for where they are going right. 

Owning your game does not allow you to question someone else’s. 

The lie we were told as kids

Most of us had a childhood of competing with others.
Get more marks than your competitor.
Higher rank.
Go to a better college than them.

These were (and unfortunately still are) the parameters that defined success for us as kids.

Except: Everyone is running their own race.
We aren’t competing against anyone, but us.

Being alone in the race is super powerful, because now we get to focus and win our way. Not someone else’s. 

Self love is not selfishness

When we were growing up, we were never taught self love.

More than anything else, we were sadly made to feel guilty if we didn’t make others a priority.

This conditioning led to a habit where we have forgotten how to love ourselves.

If only we realised that the best gift we could give others is to show them how to love themselves.

It will help them see themselves in the right light.
And that’s priceless!

We can love others only if we learn how to express that pious emotion to our own selves.

“Nothing” is powerful

Of the many lies we were sold as kids (and upon growing up), this one always triumphs:

Something is better than nothing.
Selling a part of your soul is better than your soul making no money.

Except that when we are empty, we feel our truest emotions.

It is in solitude and standing for what we want, that we discover what we would never tolerate.

It is in the side-tracked lines of rat-race with the world that we discover we were not in a race with them in the first place!

And that’s not bad.
That’s liberating.

When we are busy with “something”, we never get the nothingness to be lost.
When we are tired of “nothing”, we discover who we truly are.

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