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Student of life

I have always found teacher-student conversations fascinating.
No, not the ones in school :))

The ones where there is no school, there is no class, there is no curriculum. 

There is simply curiosity.
From both sides. 

Find that teacher, by becoming that student. 

Because the best teachers are not born.
Their best is brought to the surface by their students. 

Focus is the new IQ

At the age of 14, I started preparing for engineering exams, only to realize I just could not manage my time.

Worse, I had NO CLUE why.

If someone asked me – what are you busy with the entire day, I would not have an answer.
So I decided to track my time.

Every hour of my day was recorded.

Just this act of measurement, led to the act of improvement.
Because for the first time I knew where my time went, why it went into that and how it made me feel.

I continued this for 13 more years (until 26).

You don’t have to do this for 13 years. Please no!

Do it for 10 days and you will see the difference in how you manage your time and work.

You cannot improve anything that you do not measure.

For your mom, before it’s too late

I came across a beautiful post on Instagram and had to share it with all of you.

Ask your mom these 7 questions:

1. What is the happiest memory you have about me, from the past?

2. What, according to you, is the best thing I have done for you?

3. What are the most beautiful and the most painful things about growing old?

4. How was the first year of your life after you became a mother?

5. Is there something you have kept a secret from me all these years?

6. What do you want the most from your children?

7. When you are gone, what is the one thing you want me to always remember?

As I reflected on these 7 questions, two things dawned upon me:

How little do we actually know of our parents, as a human.
How rarely do we have true and meaningful conversations about them.

I am guilty of the above too and I want to spend the rest of my time with my parents changing this.

I hope you do too, before it’s too late.

3 questions to take charge of your life

1) What are the things that I WANT to do?

These could be anything – do not put any constraints as yet. Do not think of whether you will get it, whether it’s the right thing for the future, or whether you are qualified. 

No constraints. 

Just a list of all the things you want to do. 

2) What is stopping me?

This is where the constraints are listed. 

It could be your capability, it could be your parents’ permission, it could be lack of opportunities, or it could be the fact that it doesn’t make enough money.

It could just be your mind tricking you that you can’t do it. 

Whatever is stopping you from doing it – figure that out. 

3) Which of these are in my control to fix?

THIS is the clincher. 

This is where you transfer control – from the world to yourself. 


Not your circumstances, your family, or the world. 

Which of these constraints are in your control to fix?

And you know what? You will realise that there are only so many things in your control. BUT if you were to take control of them – you will actually be ahead of most people in the same boat who want to do the same thing but never start. 

3 wrong lessons college taught us

1. Attendance is compulsory

It’s not the attendance, but the attention that is an important factor in the growth of the student’s life. 

2. Your degree is your identity

Your degree is not your identity – what you do with that degree eventually becomes your identity. Those experiences, learnings, and lessons become who you are.

3. College is not only about earning a degree and getting a job.

It’s also about getting experience, exposure, and the opportunity to work on yourself, network, and get internships. 

It’s a journey to find yourself and understand what you really want to do in life.

3 signs you are in a beautiful relationship

1. You don’t have to DO things with each other.

You’re happy sitting in complete silence, if you’re just together. 

2. You focus on the cause of the problem.

If there’s a time when things aren’t right between you two, you choose to focus on the cause of the problem, and not who caused it. 

3. You’re happy with their successes.

You know that your success lies in their success and you’re genuinely happy for them. 

All is not lost

Anytime you find yourself losing hope, go and sit down with your parents.

“Ma/Papa – tell me about a time when you had lost all hope. And you still came out of it?”

Their eyes will light up.
Your hopes will light up.

5 things if you’re in a bad mood

1. Listen to your favorite music
2. Take a short walk
3. Talk to a friend
4. Sleep it out
5. Breathe 

Remember, whatever you are feeling right now is temporary.
It will fade away. 

Your emotions are temporary.
Do not make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions.

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