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This one decision

The one decision that will affect EVERY area of your life meaningfully is picking the right partner. 

This is because, your partner affects: 

– Your financial life:
To have the same financial goals and use money in similar ways makes life less about convincing and figuring out, and more about living it together.

– Your physical life:
Your workout habits, your eating habits, your binge-eating habits, your sleeping habits – all have a direct impact on how you live your life.

– Your emotional life:
Stability in your relationship with your partner will eventually determine how emotionally stable you are in every other relationship you have.

Making this one decision wisely will determine almost everything in your life, meaningfully.
Not to be made in haste :) 

About your career

3 steps to a fulfilling career

1. Figure out your strengths 

We all have them.
We think we don’t because we compare ourselves to others.

2. Spend time finding roles/functions that thrive on these strengths

Those needn’t be the “usual professions”

3. Double down on the strengths!

Learn skills relevant to your niche. Keep upskilling yourself. 

A fulfilling career is the one you create. Not something that walks to you.

Things that give true happiness

Complimenting others

Being kind

Being nice

Being polite

Being firm when needed

Complimenting yourself

Listening, instead of offering advice

Being your own best friend

Most importantly, being there for yourself even when no one is there for you.

Take notes

In a meeting.
In a 1:1.
While in a class.
While watching a YouTube video .
While reading a book.

Our mind consumes so much information, that it wants to use it.

The only issue – it remembers only what it repeats.
For which it needs to write stuff.
Thus, taking notes.

Note taking is the easiest way to get things from intention to action. And that’s wisdom.

Time to move on

Do you feel you have drifted away from your friends?

I understand how that feels.
I have experienced it myself.

However, the truth is that you WILL drift apart from your friends.
They will find their paths and so will you.
Because of one simple truth – each one of us has a different growth rate. 

We could have started from the same point in life, and even if there was a difference in the growth rates it would not be visible early on.
But as time passes by, the gap widens.
Until you realise you have become two different people! 

So if you hear your friend repeatedly saying ‘You have changed’, every time you meet, the fact is it is them that haven’t changed. 

Which is when you would know it is time to move on.

Continue to be friends with those who love seeing you grow.

How humans DON’T talk

“Dear Sir/Ma’am”
“To whomsoever it may concern”
“Greetings of the day”

These are great starting lines of an email/message.
Because I get to know instantly I should avoid them! 

Humans do not talk like that :)

Send your cold emails, like a human would. Not a robot!

Not the life you want

Wake up.

Read your slack and email notifications.

Curse your boss in your mind.

Hate your job.

Get up and get ready for the day.

Sit to work with a fake smile.

Gossip with coworkers.

Blame the management and the system.

Do mediocre work.

Don’t fulfil your commitments.

Wind up for the day.

Bingewatch for next 3 hours.

Fall asleep with TV on.

Do nothing to work on your passion project. 

If this is the life you are living, when are you going to take the first step to changing your life, my friend?

In a line

Lines are good. We all stood in them in the school assembly.

And then we grew up.

To go to college. And then office.

But the lines still existed. In a coffee shop. In an airport check-in gate. In a metro.

With only one difference: Our teachers were not there anymore, to ask us to maintain discipline and be a civilised human being. And then, our real selves popped out.

Some of us were still patient.
Others went on to break the lines and get a privilege.
Others went on to create a stampede.
Some even went ahead with cursing and hitting each other.

And more often than not, whenever we were not patient, we used to think that the system is incorrect, for making us wait in such long lines.

Little did we realise, that whenever we are forced to be at a place where we have the slightest discomfort, it reveals who we are loud and clear.

Same is about waiting in a line.

Who you are, while waiting in a line, is who you truly are.

Do this in your 20s

  1. Spend time with people nothing like you. So that it opens up your mind.
  2. Build a routine. So that it gives you the discipline to do the things you should be doing.
  3. Workout. To respect your body and keep it productive and fit.

What else would you add?


Stop seeking attention.
Stop seeking validation.
Stop seeking goals that you never wanted in the first place.

When you stop seeking what is only an external metric but drains you from within, that is when you truly grow and start fulfilling yourself.

The best growth rarely happens from seeking meaningless things.

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