Every year, I go back to all the content I have consumed and try and list the top ones. Check the list for 2017 and 2016.

Here are my top books, videos, articles and blogposts for 2018


Skin in the game
Absolutely stunning book. Game changer, at so many levels. Nasim Taleb scores big with this one.

Homo Deus
Yuval is one of the most deep thinkers for me. And one thought it was hard to beat Sapiens. Homo Deus comes close! Fascinating read.

Power book on how to make things happen, one doesn’t always need to build or move mountains. At times, a nudge is all that one needs.

21 lessons for the 21st Century
Yuval’s third book served as sharp, deep, thought provoking reminders for the world at large. It redefines and questions a lot of our assumptions. Certainly challenged mine.

This was the surprise read for me. As a physics student, I thought I knew him. Boy, was I wrong! This biography by the impeccable Walter Isaacson (Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, Bejamin Franklin) was a thrilling read about the life and mind of one of my favorite people.

Radical Candor
A must-read for every manager. Told me (taught me) how I was wrong and how often.

Direct Truth
I had not heard of Kapil Gupta before Naval Ravikant mentioned him. Starting following him on twitter and there has been on turning back. His thoughts (through this book and his tweets) have made me want him as a life coach someday (he is expensive for me right now!)

Mind blowing! Suddenly so much made sense! Explains the mind and the mindset behind the mind, in ways that few people have articulated.

Alexander the great
What a crazy life, this guy led! We know him as the one who almost conquered the entire world – to me the book was a peak into how the world we live in is so fundamentally different from the world before – more so in thought than in action. Loved the book!

How will you measure your life
Something about the book really clicked. And stayed!

WHAT a book! WHAT a book! Ray Dalio’s concepts captured me, so much so that I worked on an app (unfinished) that translates his thoughts into action. MUST read, for all entrepreneurs.


This year, different from last year, I consumed more books than videos. And I liked that. However, videos still remained a great way to unwind and to capture a lot in a short period of time.

The puzzle of motivation
Such a great video! Please watch it right away.

Girls like you
I know I know – a music video? I liked it, a lot :)

Why Alien Life would be our doom
Sad for me. But thought provoking.

Virginity, Facebook and Game of thrones
Mohd Suhel was the standup find of the year for me. This one is super funny :))

Reprogram your subconscious mind
Great video by the awesome Dandapani

How to unlock the full potential of your mind
2:58 onwards – this is GOLD!

Shape of you (cover) by Jatayu Records
Jayatu was the find of the year for me. Alongwith the awesome Tushar Lall (his titanic cover was super nostalgic), I now have my share of Indian musicians making super cover music!

Samjhaawan / Mitwa / Maahi We acoustic cover
Bryden Parth was another awesome find!

Shim Lim (winner of America’s Got Talent)
WHAT a performer. WHAT a performer!

Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg
Hahaha – please see this! :)

Articles / Content Pieces

How to get rich (without getting lucky) – WHAT a thread! Brilliant

52 things I learnt in 2018 (and 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014)

The day I became a millionaire

Becoming a magician

Power of culture: how to hire and attract amazing people

Time management is a waste of time – this article changed a lot of things for me

Life doesnt reward you for what you know, but for what you do

How to biohack your intelligence – this MINDFUCKED me out.

What does it take to be successful

The psychology of money (AWESOME!)

Bonus: Understanding the power of multiplying by zero

My blogs
(These were not necessarily the most popular – instead the ones that I personally liked)

4 stages of becoming good at what you do


I can never be the best if…

Climbing 15 floors

The right posture

Sometimes the worst relationships we have to save ourselves from is…


20 minutes

Here are your 4 choices on how to live life

It’s market practice

Cheers to a wonderful 2019! Continue learning, sharing and experiencing.