We are all an outcome of a genetic lottery.

Done nothing to be born into a certain condition.

Some of us were born into loving families. Some of us into war ridden zones.

Some of us were fed good food and taken care of. Some of us were born on the streets left to fend for ourselves.

Some of us went to great schools. For some of us education wasn’t an option.

And because of this lottery – we sat on opportunities and privileges that we tend to take for granted.

So we drive an air conditioned car and get mad when the bicycle comes in front of us.

We walk into an interview and judge the person dressed shabbily.

We speak in English and laugh at those who don’t know how to pronounce cafe.

If only all of us stopped before doing so, to realize that success isn’t always about working hard and the hustle. And failure isn’t always being lazy and not ambitious.

It might make us a lot more humble. And a lot more inclusive.

Just because I am not poor, doesn’t mean there is no poverty!