I was away from office for 2 weeks (not away from work though) and joined back yesterday.

And it’s unbelievable what coming back to office does to me. I feel like a performing artist who has placed on the stage or the studio, where I belong. Amongst people that I belong to. Shopping art that I am proud of.

And it wasn’t the easiest day. As a matter of fact – it was one of the most difficult days I have had in a really long while. Difficult decisions, difficult conversations, and some really difficult moments in solitude.

That’s the key to understanding stress. As Simon sinek says, if you go through this experience when you actually wish to do something else – that causes stress. Not hard work. Not difficult moments. Not tough conversations.

Instead, working for something or at something where you don’t belong.

Beware of what your job is doing to you. More people worry about what they eat in the morning than where they go in the morning. Consider whether your job is building you or destroying you.