There was a time when people’s attention was available, content wasn’t as freely available, reactions were not as amplified (or maybe we never got to hear about them!).

It was a world where what you knew was the most important skill.


Attention is limited. And precious.

Content is everywhere. Every time.

Reactions are instant. And exaggerated.

Which doesn’t undermine the importance of what you know.

However, how you say it – becomes just as important if not more important.

Storytelling – is hands down the most important skill today!

History is testimony to this.

The most admired, the most powerful, the most successful, the most respected – were not the ones that controlled the biggest armies, controlled the largest area, controlled the smartest people.

Instead the ones that controlled the narrative.

The ones who had the capability to weave a story. Craft a dream. Use words to influence. To generate emotions. A favorable reaction.

You know nothing if you can’t put it across to someone else in a manner they understand.