Every year around this time I get invited to several business schools for their new batch orientation.

You know, motivation and all :)

And every year, two facts continue to disturb me.

The overwhelming number of engineers in these schools.

And the overwhelming number of men in these schools.

Even the top ones.

So I took to LinkedIn last week – sharing this – asking people if they were ok with these facts. And share what could be done to fix it, or why are they ok, if they were.

The reactions left me even more disturbed.

An unexpected number took this as a call for reservation.

An even higher number made this into a gender battle.

Several (and ironically enough) men came forward to say – it’s the women’s choice. The playing field is completely level. If they work hard they will get through too.

And some accused me of taking the moral high ground – who am I to?

4 comments out of 600+ stood out, for their maturity, their thoughtfulness and their objectivity.


Out of 600.

We are all guilty – to see the world through our frame of reference, our context, our bias.

Rarely stopping to realize the privileges and entitlement we sit on.

And at the smallest excuse – we don’t shy away from sharing our propaganda from within.

When you see red flags through red-tinted glasses, you don’t see red flags.

You see only flags!