When we meet people we are constantly looking at them not for who they are, rather the person we think they should be.

Constantly judging people for not adhering to the idea in our head of who they should be, how they should act, speak, behave, react.

Constantly comparing them to what we think they should be.

Not seeing them for who they truly are.

And as time progresses, our habits begin to define us.

This judgment based approach becomes a habit.

And then next thing we know….

We start to judge our own selves.

We start to reject ourselves because we are not what we think we do be, instead of realizing who we are.

If someone talks to you about someone else behind their backs, they will talk about you too behind your back.

If someone judges people for who they ought to be, they will judge themselves too for who they should be.

To judge others is to judge one self.