My tennis coach has been saying just one thing for the past 6 months.

Get the posture right.

He claims that with the right posture, the effort to hit the ball dramatically reduces.

And I have felt it.

Those rare moments when the legs, the hands, the racquet, the weight are all aligned, it’s effortless to hit the ball.

But it isn’t easy. Years of conditioning and bad posturing makes it super hard to get it right.

And that, to me, is coaching.

Quickly getting the fundamentals in order.

And then spending a lifetime just getting the posture right.

Because once it happens – it’s effortless.

That, to me, is also life!

Quickly figuring out the basics.

And then spending the rest of our lives getting the posture right.

When our minds, our body, our emotions are all aligned – the right posture – living life becomes effortless.

But for that – we all need a coach.

Not someone who necessarily plays better than us.

Rather someone who can observe people for who they are, not what the coach thinks they are or should be.

Find your coach. For the right posture.