There was a time when there were no ranks. No grades. No scores. No positions.

You worked at something till you wanted to, or you got really good at it.

And then, the industrial revolution changed it all.

Tests were introduced. And the outcome of the tests was not to measure knowledge or understanding. Rather to grade. To score.

And then to rank.

So someone with a 93% was deemed higher than someone with 92%.

And we all got addicted.

Addicted to this race.

Fast forward today – all of us live in constant comparison.

Am I the best student?

Am I the best daughter?

Am I the best boyfriend?

Am I the best wife?

Am I the best employee?

Am I the best friend?

And all of live in constant fear, as a consequence.

Who else is better?

If only we stopped to realize

I can never control if I am the best at anything.

I can only control if I am the best version of myself, at it.

The race is not with the world. The race is within.