If I asked you which is greater?

5km or 30mins?

Your response is likely to call me stupid and move on. Time and distance are not comparable.

Yet, we do that everyday.

How far is your office?


35 mins

How far are we?



And then google maps came along and made almost everything time based.

It doesn’t matter how far things are – what matters is how long it will take you to get there.

And we just admit – that helps a lot. It’s sets the right expectations. Knowing that something is an hour away settles us down, even if it’s just a km away (well, almost!)

And even when the time to the destination changes, it doesn’t bother us as much. We adjust.

Yet, when it comes to life, we don’t seem to use the same hack.

My success is 1Cr bank balance away

My success is the title of SVP away

My success is an IPO away

My success is 30 countries travelled away

What if instead we had a way of measuring everything in time?

My success is 18 months away (as of now)

My success is 10 years away (as of now)

My success is a lifetime away (as of now).

What if the way we measured success was not by where we have to reach, instead how much time is it likely to take?

What if we committed to the journey, irrespective of the time it takes?