I recall a conversation with my first cousin, several years back.

He said – “there are only two things that I really need in a car.”

“What are they?”, I asked.

“First – the brake”

And as I was expecting him to say that the second thing is possibly the accelerator, he goes

“And the second thing is the horn”

Honking is a fascinating phenomena in India.

It serves 3 very interesting purposes

1. “Hey – I am honking you to tell you what’s happening on the road.”

This happens when the red light turns green – and the last car honks. It’s only job is to alert.

2. “Hey – I also exist”

This is when one honks to avoid a clash or to alert another car (or pedestrian) that there is a car coming.

3. “Hey – I am in a rush. Give way”

This is symbolized by the continuous honking sound.

We all think honking on the roads is a very Indian phenomenon. And that’s largely true.

However, honking in real life happens everywhere. All the time.

1. I will “honk” on social media to tell people what’s already obvious. So that my intelligence is not undermined.

“Hey – this is what is happening in the world. You should know”

2. I will “honk” on social media to tell people about my life. Food I ate, places I visited, movies I watched, feelings I felt.

“Hey – this is my life and I exist”

3. I will “honk” on social media to promote my world view. And then defend is to all ends. Even fight people who don’t agree.

“Hey – this is my point of view and I have a right on this road. Get out of my way.”

Given the chaos on our roads, it’s not surprising that we end up honking a lot while driving.

It’s no surprise either that we honk so often in life.

Which type do we honk more often?