You have two choices in life.

Keep working to improve yourself and get to the best spot or position, within the orbit you are in.

Become the captain of your school.

Become the student of the year in your college.

The spot award winner in your company.


Change your orbit

Try to become the student of the year in the state.

Try to become the ceo of the company.

Try to start your own company.

Try to go to mars.

It’s clear which one is easy.

Staying in your orbit is comfortable. It’s your zone. It’s your territory.

The new orbit is unknown. It’s unchartered. It’s risky. It might not work.

And yet, it’s those that attempt to change their orbit, that we look up to and draw from.

It’s the ones who change their orbit, who don’t belong to any orbit.

All they know is to change.

Not to stay.

Not to sit.