In the brilliant Knowledge Project podcast, Shane Parrish speaks to Tobias – founder and ceo of Shopify.

And in response to a question, Toby says, “if Shopify wins, no one loses!”

That is such a wonderful way to look at things, such a blesses position to be in and such a wonderful company to create.

As usual, my pensive mind took over and I wondered – who all will lose if I win, as an individual?

I realized there were some who might lose. Did I want them to? No. But they might.

And I then asked – what might I need to do differently that no one loses if I win.

I will encourage you to do the same. Ask yourself –

Which person

Which ideology

Which belief

Which value

Which opinion

Will lose, if you win?

And then if you care enough, ask further, what might I need to do, to ensure no one or nothing loses?