It’s not who you are underneath but what you do, that defines you.

– the Batman

It all about who I am. Because I don’t even know what all I do.

– everyone else?

A brilliant piece by Captain Gopinath emerged yesterday, on Kingfisher Airlines.

The gist of it was – Kingfisher Airlines, when it collapsed, had twice the market share of Air India with 10,000 employees. And a brand that people did love.

And a loan default of 6000 Crores.

Then how come we see Air India being saved by pumping in 50,000 Crores of taxpayers money – and the same was never considered for Kingfisher?

My guess? It is because we thought that Mallaya and Kingfisher are one.

And saving Kingfisher would amount to saving him!

Or, as we thought, hurting Kingfisher will hurt him!

Without knowing anything about him, it seems to me that he moved on, the day Kingfisher collapsed. While we are still stuck!

His arrogance and flamboyance made us despise him. And strangely his airline too.

And herein lies the truth of life.


We do this to our own selves. We create an image, a persona of who we should be, what we should say, how we should work, how we should behave.

Rarely stopping to ask – have we truly changed? Or have we just made this person up?

And then when we don’t deliver to our own expectations, we feel shitty about ourselves.

When the truth is – we were never going to deliver on that promise.

It’s all about me. Because I don’t even know who I am.