Choice 1

Nothing that I do at an individual level makes any difference. I could save animals, nature, not lie or steal or kill or harm – and yet the world remain the same. So fuck it – I will live life the way I want to. My way! Nothing else matters.

Choice 2

Everything that I do at an individual level matters. If I say no to plastic, leather, non veg food – it matters. If I am a nice kind hearted person – it matters. It makes me feel happy about myself, it gives me a sense of pride. And hence, I will do it – even if it means discomfort at times.

Choice 3

Nothing that I do at an individual level matters, unless I get a lot of people to do the same thing. Make the same choices. And hence I will build a tribe, a community, that’s represents our choices. Because together we can make a difference.

Choice 4

It’s really really hard to change people’s behavior. It’s best to change the entire landscape. Design the new way. Not optimize the current way.

Choice 1: the observer

Choice 2: the doer

Choice 3: the leader

Choice 4: the inventor

Guess which of these choices does the world need more of?

Guess which ones are dominant right now?

the world has more doers than we need. And less inventor than we need.