Answer by Ankur Warikoo:

I once read (and I concur)
Advice is what you seek when you know the answer but wish you didnt!

There is a big difference between seeking advice and seeking a path. An advice is mostly sought when you are indecisive – when you have the options generated, but don't know what to pick. And you would think that someone who has taken that decision before will be the best person to see advice from.

Not true! Their experiences are not yours – their advice will be severely "polluted" by the outcome of their decision – which, worst still, could be driven by the advice of someone else they sought it from!

Advice isn't useless because it doesn't tell you what you could do – its useless because it doesn't tell you what you should do!

Follow your gut – if you question yourself truly – you will know the answer – and most likely in a way that is better than anyone else's advice!

Don't take my advice for this – build yours! :)

PS: As mentioned, option generation (which isnt truly advice) is mostly great! Because you didn't even know what you could do! But once you do – don't go to someone asking what you should do!

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