Answer by Ankur Warikoo:

Towards the end of Feb, I began to experience pain while walking. The limp was evident, and the hip joint was the epicenter of the pain. I had started to take my exercise seriously about a week back, so maybe it was a muscle pull.

I ignored it.

A week later – I couldn’t walk! The pain was unbearable. I would lie down to sleep and the first hour would be terrible.

The x-ray suggested a slip disc. Minor though. So exercises were suggested. I adhered.

Nothing changed – the pain just became harder to deal with.

A 4th opinion led me to a hip MRI. And the diagnosis finally came – I had something called Avascular Necrosis (AVN). I was told to stop walking with immediate effect. The right hip bone was going dead and couldn’t take on the weight anymore.

AVN, in 80% of the cases happens because of excessive smoking, drinking or steroids. The rest is usually without identified causes – which is where I lay.

The cure – core decompression. A piece of the calf bone would be taken and crushed into powder. 2 holes will be drilled into the hip bone and the powder inserted. Over the course of 1.5 years, the hip bone would “regenerate”. It was a usual 1.5 hour surgery.

This meant that for 4-8 months I would need to walk on crutches.

Lets do it, I say!

All of this happened within 4 weeks of the first pain. I was operated upon on April 4th. I last walked on crutches Aug 31st and I ran for the first time Dec 17th.

This entire event was the best thing to have happened to me in 2012!

Because it taught me a lot about myself and the world

1. The world’s reaction to your pain is ONLY determined by your perception of that very pain and situation

2. Working from home actually works

3.  A 15-min break everyday at 11am, to play with your 1-yr old son is the best thing in the world!

4. There is this unexplained pride you derive, when you do things that people don’t expect you to. Especially around physical incapability.

5. Impossible is nothing!

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