Yourstory covered the journey from Groupon to nearbuy. 


It chronicles our journey in the past 9 months, from

  • 12 cities to 33 cities
  • 3 categories to 18 categories
  • 100% groupon tech to 100% nearbuy tech
  • a zero member tech team to a 75 member tech team
  • selling a voucher every 27 seconds to selling it every 9 seconds now
  • multiple disconnected offices to a collaborative progressive space
Whenever I see such coverages – I go through a couple of emotions, one more important than the other


The lesser emotion of Pride

For what we have built, for what we have collectively achieved, for the fact that someone independently acknowledges the same

Its a pat on the back for the intense work that has been put in

And we all should pause for a moment and feel awesome at how far we have come


The more important emotion of realism

Only we know what we have been through these last 9 months 

The long days and nights

The question of “are we moving fast enough”

The realization that we moved too fast too soon

The cash conservation steps we took

The moments of doubt, insecurity


All these are not visible in the coverage. 

They are NEVER visible in ANY coverage


Always remember the blood and sweat that has gone into “overnight” success. And never lose sight of where we have come from. Never forget your roots. 


The world will treat you as a success, only when you have questioned yourself every single day on whether you have what it takes to win