Was at the gorgeous Mohali campus this weekend. I love it there. On some levels better than Hyderabad. More so because I see a sense of belonging and ownership within the batch. Hyderabad, always my first love, acts transactional at times. And I am unable to relate to that from 10 years back. 

Startups are like that. People from 5 years back have seen a different side of nearbuy   They have been part of the grind. The recent ones feel that the organization owes them. A lot. When it never did. Never to even the ones that first joined. It just created a world where everyone knew everyone and everyone worked for a common cause. 

Startups will eventually not remain startups. The question is – what do they become? And why? 

I left the batch with 2 important messages. And a student (thanks Gaurav Gupta) was kind enough to transform the into a meme