Left office at 830pm last evening. I don’t have dinner as a meal, but was super hungry yesterday. Almost on the border of indulgence. 

Ordered my Uber 

And then ordered paneer rolls. 

The cab and rolls arrived at the same time. Stepped out of office complex to board the cab. Saw an ice cream vendor. Temptation trigger :) 

Selected the fruit and nut feast. 

Stepped into the cab. I always address the driver with their name. Starts the engagement at a different level all together. 

Dinesh – have you had dinner?

No sir, don’t get the time for dinner. 

Will you have it with me? 

We put on the parking lights and ate paneer rolls followed by ice cream. 

33 years. Married with 2 kids. Driving since he was 22. Was a tourist cab driver for 10 years. Started Uber a year back. Knows everything that there is to tourist places around delhi. Uses WhatsApp for everything. Doesn’t understand Facebook. Loves YouTube. Thinks Uber will fail soon because there is no business model. He will start a tourist company then. 

I had ordered 2 rolls. Don’t know why. 

But I bought 2 ice creams on purpose. I wanted to share it with Dinesh. 

Life reminded me that I should be kind. 

I listened to it and decided to be kind. 

I always thank my driver at the end of the ride. 

Yesterday both of us thanked each other. 

And life.