Am reading a book on the science of happiness. 

It describes an academic experiment where a 4 year old is sitting in a room with 2 adults. 

One of the adult moves out of the room. The other adult places a jar of cookies, which until now was on the table, in one of the shelves. And calls back the first adult. 

An overwhelming majority of kids said that the first adult knows where the jar of cookies has been placed. 

The 4-yr old brain has still not figured that what they see is not always what the world sees. Just because they know doesn’t mean the world knows. 

Isn’t is amazing how as we grow older and apparently wiser, our brains start going back to when we were 4? 

The goal is not to make the world see what you see. And treat it for real. 

The goal is to seek the truth. Doesn’t matter who saw it.