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Every year, I use the second half of December to reflect upon the content that moved me the most in the past year.

Here is my list for 2019

The top 10 books I read in 2019

Never split the difference

One of the most powerful books I have read on negotiation. Have used a lot of the tactics in real life, even beyond negotiation circumstances, and its helped tremendously.

Alchemy – The surprising power of ideas that don’t make sense

I first heard of Rory Sutherland on a podcast. Loved his idealogy. Started following him on twitter and realized his view of the world is so dramatically different from mine. Which meant, I had to read his book. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Being wrong

Such a wonderful book about being wrong and everything around it.

Atomic Habits

From one of my favorite writers online, James Clear. A powerful book. Also my most recommended book for this year.

Man’s search for meaning

This was long time due and was one of the most recommended books from my readers. Truly enjoyed it. Not necessarily the idealogy I would follow in life, but it is something that is hard to ignore.

High growth handbook

Possibly the best step-by-step guide on how to think of growth in a startup. Learnt a lot from it.

Bad blood

MAN! What a story. What a thriller. Couldn’t believe any of it even as I read it, knowing it to be true. Great pick if you want the joy of a fiction, in a non-fiction book.

Meaningful work

Enjoyed this quite a lot. Very different take and made a lot of sense when I read it.

Democracy for realists

Perhaps apt for today’s time and world. Cleared my concepts around democracy and why do I do see what I see, time and again.


Oh man! What a joy and rush to read this one. Hard to imagine the near-death experiences Netflix went through and how it just didn’t give up. To today when it virtually rules our free time.

Trillion Dollar coach

AWESOME book! Nothing more to say. Pick this up!

The top 10 videos I watched in 2019

My video consumption this year plummeted. I figured I am losing hearing in my ears due to excessive earphone usage, so completely stopped using earphones. Hence, stopped videos too (on YT or others).

That said, some videos made a mark

Yeh Haseen Vadiyan (Sitar Cover)

Nahi Saamne (Saxophone cover)

Nietzche on Envy

The end of the computer age

The boy band con

Balaji Srinivasan at Startup School 2013

The top 10 articles I read in 2019

Charlie Munger’s 7 Iron laws

Peter Kaufman on Multidisciplinary approach to thinking

How to compete and win

How Superhuman built an engine to find Product/Market Fit

What is Amazon

The psychology of startup growth

6 harsh truths that make you a better person

Conversational frameworks

Not caring: A unique and powerful skill

Never ending now

Have a lovely 2020 everyone!