Someone asked on Twitter.

“What advice do you have for a first time parent?”

Here are my thoughts


Kids are born with no other fear except that of falling.

Every other fear, they learn while living. As parents we are largely guilty of instilling those fears in them.


They are born with the ability to immerse themselves. In play.

And focus is a super power today!

As parents we disturb this immersion, by asking them to now eat, poop, bath, study, go for classes.

If only we allowed this immersion to continue.


They are natural born curious.

And curiosity can be killed. By repeating, “its like this only”.

Give them the freedom to discover. Even if the answer will leave them disturbed.

Don’t kill their curiosity.


Don’t ever ask any question starting with why.

Don’t accuse them. Don’t make them feel bad about mistakes they made that you could have made too.

Help them see through what happened. Not why!


To them everyone is equal. And everyone is a friend.

How we deal with people is how they learn how to differentiate between people.


Kiss them hug them and say you love them, for the rest of your life.

Express yourself. That will tell them it’s ok to do it too.


Build a routine with them every 2-3 months. Something you do everyday.

It will be school for them.

It will be memories for life, for you.


Its not what you tell them, but what you do, that will stay with them.

They will learn by observing you. You are a celebrity now. Be aware of that.


The most real definition of love will be developed in them observing how you love your partner.

Make sure you love your partner with respect and all your heart.

That’s how your kids will come to see love. And hopefully love.


Let them experience the world in its true raw form. Playing with dirt, falling over, singing aloud, bumping into people, making mistakes.

Don’t tame them.

The world will as it is do that to them.

As parents, free them!


The best gift you can gift your kids as a parent, is to not be a parent!