It breaks my heart when I see young, capable, driven people waste the most beautiful years of their lives comparing themselves to others. 

They get so used to it (and so good at it), that it becomes a habit for life! 

When we compare ourselves to others, we feel like we are losing the race of life.
And someone else is winning.

However, everyone is running a different race.
With themselves.
With the limitations they were born with.
With the privileges they were blessed with.
With learning how to strike a balance between both of them.

If you have to compare, be scared that you are the same person as you were yesterday.
If you have to get ahead, be focused on YOUR path instead of dwindling to see someone else’s.
If you really want to not get envious of others’ success, carve out your path of success, and stay true to it.

That is the only worthy comparison.